Chapter 5 : Conclusion & Suggestion

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Thesis Writing Chapter 5 Conclusion and Suggestion


<ul><li> 1. Group 5 : </li></ul> <p> 2. Conclusion The most difficult part of a thesis to write. The conclusion is often what a reader remembers best. The conclusion should be the best part of your thesis. 3. A conclusion should 1. Stress the importance of the thesis statement 2. Give the thesis a sense of completeness 3. Leave a final impression on the reader 4. appropriately answer the specific questions raised at the beginning of the investigation. 4. Conclusion 1. For the first time in the thesis, the researcher can state a personal opinion when the collected data support it. 2. Every statement of fact should consist of words, numbers or statistical measures woven into a meaningful statement. 5. Thesis : QUANTITATIVE QUALITATIVECAR 6. QUANTITATIVE 7. QUANTITATIVE 1. Answering the Hypothesis (Ho Ha). 2. Usually validated by the numeral. (angka- angka) 1. Blue = restatement by answering the Ho Ha. 2. Red = proving that the study is valid, by showing the numerals as a result of the study. 8. QUALITATIVE 9. QUALITATIVE 1. Focus into the research. Because theres no Hypothesis. 1. Blue = Restatement 10. CAR 11. CAR 1. Focus into the action hypothesis. 2. The If... Then... is needed. (Cause and effect) 12. Tips on what NOT to do in your conclusion: 1. DO NOT bring in new material. 2. DO NOT weaken your position by apologizing for what you have already argued. 3. DO NOT end on a cliff hanger, leaving the reader feeling unsatisfied. 13. Suggestions Recommendations for further study, or recommendations for change, or both. Suggestions are based on the conclusions of the study Give a detailed description of the suggestion for future action based on the significance of the findings 14. How to make a suggestions? 1. Decide the target of the research E.g. : teachers, students, other researchers, parents, headmaster, etc. 2. Look for the weakness of the research 3. Then find the solutions / the suggestions for the target above. </p>