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<ul><li><p>Carnatic Music Teacher - Lalitha Badrinath</p><p>Ms. Lalitha Badrinath heads the department of Carnatic music at YICG </p><p>(Young Indian Culture Group, Inc.) which serves the communities of Long </p><p>Island and Queens in NYC. She has received fame and recognition as an </p><p>accomplished Carnatic music teacher and Tamil poet. As a leading exponent </p><p>in South Indian classical music, her commitment to work has earned her </p><p>respect and praise from disciples and parents alike. She assesses the </p><p>potential and talent of each of her students and works on weaknesses to </p><p>reinforce their talent.</p><p>Lalitha Badrinaths Musical Career</p><p>Ms. Badrinath started to learn Carnatic music from the tender age of five. </p><p>Apart from having performed throughout India over a span of 30 years, she </p><p>has more than 25 years of teaching experience to her credit. Her music aired </p><p>on the U.S. and India based radio stations including the Mangalore Radio </p><p>Station has been a source of inspiration to many. Since 1998, aspiring </p><p>singers of all age groups in New York have started from the basic and </p><p>moved up to advanced levels under her tutelage.</p><p>Carnatic Music for Beginners to Advanced Learners</p><p>As a dedicated music teacher, Lalitha Badrinath promotes a systematic </p><p>approach of learning South Indian classical music. Beginners are taught the </p><p>fundamental concepts of Carnatic music which comprise raagas, thalas and </p><p>geethams. They would also practice the vocal technique of modulating the </p></li><li><p>tone as well as the range of their voice. Based on the level of proficiency, </p><p>intermediate and advanced learners would learn more about the beautifully </p><p>expressive varnams, keerthanas, alapana, neraval and swaras.</p><p>Contact Us to Learn More</p><p>For more details or information regarding her class schedule, call 1-516-739-</p><p>1575 or send an email to</p><p>OFFICE AND RESOURCE CENTER 999 Herricks RoadSuite 110New Hyde Park NY 11040</p><p>YICG CLASSESHerricks Middle School7 Hilldale DriveAlbertsonNY 11507</p><p>Phone: 1-516-739-1575</p><p>Email:</p><p>Website:</p><p>Carnatic Music Teacher - Lalitha BadrinathLalitha Badrinaths Musical CareerCarnatic Music for Beginners to Advanced LearnersContact Us to Learn More</p></li></ul>


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