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Jayadeva de Silva Career Search Skills & Career Planning Jayadeva de Silva 2nd August 2010

Career search skills & career planning

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Jayadeva de Silva on "Career Search Skills and Career Planning". Presentation for students of University of Moratuwa (SriLanka)

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Marketing Division Objectivesby
Jayadeva de Silva
The occupational positions a person has had over many years.
Jayadeva de Silva
Career management
The process for enabling employees to better understand and develop their career skills and interests and to use these skills and interests more effectively
Jayadeva de Silva
Career development
The lifelong series of activities that contribute to a person’s career exploration, establishment, success and fulfillment
Jayadeva de Silva
The deliberate process through which someone becomes aware of personal skills, interests, knowledge, motivations, and other characteristics and establishes action plans to attain specific goals.
Jayadeva de Silva
More horizontal “ladders” in middle management
More strategic focus on core competencies
Careers as a series of projects, not upward steps in an organization
Career development now extends to all employees
In “new career” era, the individual manages own development, not the organization.
Employees who change jobs and employers frequently are now the norm.
Jayadeva de Silva
“The most important step is
investing time in yourself to explore your passions,
your strengths, your
Jayadeva de Silva
Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
Life is 10 percent what you make it and 90 percent how you take it
Jayadeva de Silva
And everyone else is They
Jayadeva de Silva
Individuals are responsible for their career path.
A university degree does NOT guarantee employment, but it sure helps give options.
Individuals must accept risks that accompany employment and plan for the future.
Commitment to lifelong learning will help keep an individual employable.
. . . learning has just begun!
“We make Roads by walking”
Do things that are not generally done in the ordinary course of business
Jayadeva de Silva
Jayadeva de Silva
What are my strengths?
What do I like to do?
Will I be able to get a job if I do what I like ???
Cost, Time and other Logistics!
What profession is in demand
7 attributes to consider
attainments (qualifications, achievements)
interests (intellectual, practical, physical)
Jayadeva de Silva

Tom Peters believes that answering the following questions will help to focus your brand related activities:
Jayadeva de Silva

1. What you are known for now and what you will be known for next year?
2. What is challenging you, which might include your current project or role?
3. What you have learned in the last 90 days?
4. Who has been added to your external network?
5. What does your visibility (marketing) programme looks like?
6. What you are doing to enhance your resume over the next 90 days?
7. What have you done over the last year that has enhanced your resume?
Jayadeva de Silva
- Intelligent
- Wholesome
- Up-to-date
Jayadeva de Silva
Jayadeva de Silva
Jayadeva de Silva
Jayadeva de Silva
No Limits
Have Realistic Career Objectives
Discuss Your Career With a Coach, Mentor, Family, Friends, Peers & Professionals
Assess Your Strengths
Solicited comments are intended to provide useful information for future decisions
and development
Jayadeva de Silva
Jayadeva de Silva
Work Experience - especially related experience such as an internship organizations, etc.
Extracurricular Activities - student clubs, volunteer
Leadership - examples from previous projects/work
Creativity – related to problem solving, new ideas
Computer Skills - hardware/software
Jayadeva de Silva
Can you do the job?
Do you want to work here/
Are you going to stick around?
Will you fit in?
Jayadeva de Silva
Jayadeva de Silva
Jayadeva de Silva
Jayadeva de Silva
if you can’t trust yourself
Take yourself seriously or no one else will either. It’s hard to overcome self doubt, but get comfortable with the following:
I will be wrong sometimes
I can admit it and move on when I am wrong
I can always learn best after a mistake
Jayadeva de Silva