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Contents IntroductionCharacteristicsTypesProductionFuntion

It is the main part of an automobile.

It is mounted on the axle hub of a vehicle.

It is the outer edge of the wheel.

It holds the tire.

Characteristics Diameter :- It is the distance across the center of the rim from the bead seat to bead seat (or edge to edge).

Width :- It is the separation distance between the opposed rim flanges and the maximum rim width should be equal to the width of the tire tread.

Types Depends on the type of the vehicle and tire. There are various rim profile as well as component.

Modern passenger vehicles and tubeless tires typically use one piece frame with a safety rim profile.Heavy vehicles and trucks may have a removable multispecies rim assembly consisting of a base that mounts to the wheel and axle.

Production. There a wide verity of materials use for production of wheel rim such as Al alloy, Mg alloy and steel C 1008.A standard automobile steel wheel rim is made from a rectangular metal plate . The metal plate is bent to produce a cylindrical sleeve with the two free edges of the sleeve welded together.

Function Its main function are..

Rotate over axle of a wheel so as to use power from engine to propel automobile.

Provide support for braking system.

And support whole body weight of automobile.

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