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  • 1. Camera angles and distances Camera angles are very important and can be used to highlight important moments. They are used in various positions, angles, and distances. Each giving a different viewpoint or effect experience and sometimes emotion I put all these photos together to signify camera distances

2. Camera Angles 3.

  • An aerial shot is used to show setting and to highlight important moments or events and the characters currently in the shot

Examples or these used in action films are iron man and Kill bill We will use this in our filming when the camera is on top of the car park looking down on Tim running up to t he library Ariel shots 4. High camera angle The high angle shot is the opposite of the low angle shot. The camera is placed above the subject and tilted to look down on the subject. This type of shot is sometimes called a bird's eye view. You can use it to create a sense of smallness in the subject or to show that the audience has a sense of looking over the subjects from a superior position.It also shows the subject in a moment of weakness, to show sadness or loss of powerIt was used in captain America to show a sign of weakness as someone is loosing a fight.We will use this when showing people jump off things to show the extreme of the jump and panic in the chase 5. Eye line matches They are used to highlight important moments or objects and show a characters expression to express to the audience the atmosphere.It was used in pirates of the Caribbean to show and highlight Johnny deep's facial expression to show the tenseness in the scene. We will use it to show the main characters anxiety and exhaustion whilst running 6. Low camera angle This shot shows the audience a view looking up at a subject. The camera is placed on the ground or floor and tilted to look up. A low angle shot, or worm's eye view, can be used to make a subject look bigger than it is. Or a person to look more powerful or more of a stronger character This shot has been used in tomb raider for the cover of the film, it was used to show lara croft as a strong character looking powerful and determinedWe will use this shot to show some of the jumps to show experience and power. And possibly even attitude 7. Camera Distances 8. Extreme long shots It is commonly usedin action films, it is used to show setting and an event involving a crowd We will use this for the establishing shot and watching the chase with all the characters involvedAn example of this shot in an action film is Spiderman where they are trying to show a dramatic incident in whole 9. A two man shot is to show dialect or relationship between two people which highlights specific important conversations relevant to the plot line, it is still a relatively long shot so you can see the two people clearlyWe will use this is the beginning to show the deal which explains the plot line and establish relationship between the main characters Two man shots It was used in mission impossible to highlight an important moment to the plot and identify relationships 10. Long shot Long shots are used to show a characters whole body to highlight something they may be doing that is important or to show how they fit or dont fit into the crowd We will use this when we show the stunts so they are clear and easy to see and zoomed in enough to see it in great detail It was used in Sherlock Holmes to show how the girl sticks out in a crowd and to highlight her importance 11. Close-up reacting to a situation occurring in the scene, it helps you to emotionally attach to an actor as it is up close and personal and shows the importance of their reaction It was used in spider man to show the fear in her eyes to the situation and hoe bad the situation is for her to react like that We will use this when we show a bystander being pushed out the way and show the surprise and fright in the expressionThese are used to show expressions in an actors face, how they feel and are