Building your first Native iOs App with an API Backend

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Text of Building your first Native iOs App with an API Backend

  • 1.Build your first Native iOS app with an API Backend! twitter:@mdobs @timburks

2. Matt Dobson @mdobs Tim Burks @timburks 3. Do you have XCode installed? 4. I work @ Apigee. 5. We help power eBay Best Buy, Walgreens, Gilt Groupe, NewEgg,, Dell, Getty Images, GraceNote, Shazam, HomeAway, Pearson, cheezburger 6. Weve organized trainings for HTML5, but this is our first for iOS! 7. Why do we do this? Why free? 8. Apigee is always free for developers. - Hosted (25GB limit) - Open-source (full) - Private clusters 9. 1.Objective - C 2.API Backend 3.App Store 10. Have you developed for iOS before? What do you want to learn today? 11. Objective-C 12. What is Objective-C? 13. Object Oriented. 14. .h and .m files 15. NS prefixes 16. Brackets, Brackets, Brackets 17. Download the project 18. 19. Our books app! 20. Setting up our UI 21. Model View Controller 22. Storyboards 23. Master-Detail App 24. Segues 25. Setup a segue in our app 26. IBOutlets 27. Setup outlets for our detail view 28. Set up Controllers 29. Build with a Backend. 30. Why use a Backend? 31. Its remote data storage you can access in your code. 32. Its like iCloud or Dropbox, because it lets you sync data across devices. 33. Server Infrastructure App Code SDK API 34. Usergrid? Apigee? 35. Lets take a look at Apigee 36. Add some data 37. SDKs available for JS, node.js, iOS, Android, Ruby, Rails, C#, Java, WP8, etc. 38. Getting data 39. Answer: and 40. Storing Data 41. Answer: 42. Deleting Data 43. Answer: 44. App Store 45. Submitting 46. Create App Id 47. Create Certificate 48. Create Provisioning profile 49. iTunes Connect 50. Approval Process 51. App Store Launch 52. Congrats! 53. What else can be done? 54. Push Notifications Geolocation User Management File Storage Picture Sharing Social Networking Security 55. Build your own... 56. iCloud Retail Store Social Networks 57. Scale to Millions 58. Advanced Class? Training for your company? Questions? 59. Ask for help! Announce projects! Sign up now :) 60. Thanks! Wed love feedback on how to make it better. Let us know! 61.