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  1. 1. Diigo Organization of my bookmarked resources Ability to highlight and notate Lists and tags aid speed and ease of access Accessible from anywhere Ability to share with others Access to others libraries, Hot Bookmarks provide latest resources
  2. 2. Twitter A treasure-trove of resources Connection to other educators/colleagues Up-to-date information Hashtags to help find relevant resources A place to seek help, advice, and/or collaboration
  3. 3. My Personal Learning Network Twitter account: connected with leaders in edtech as well as fellow teachers, an excellent resource Diigo: my library, groups and network Pinterest: allows me to pin good ideas and organize them on category boards The ClassVine: wikispace for my Year 5 class Comfortable being on the grid (at last!)
  4. 4. Is anyone out there? Finding my comfort zone within the realm of Social Media Feeling authentically connected Getting followers on Twitter and my Diigo group Finding educators in a similar situation to mine Creating a wiki without real members (yet!) Limiting the amount of time spent online!
  5. 5. Pinterest Wiki Edmodo Animoto Classroom 2.0 Pinterest a wonderful tool for saving and organizing ideas for the classroom and planning, the visual aspect makes retrieving resources quick and easy Wiki I plan (if allowed) to use this wikispace for my year 5 class, for assignments, information, and links to resources, as well as a place to share Edmodo looks a great site for the whole classroom community (as with the wiki, I need to get approval from admin) Animoto very useful for creating a video, worth exploring some of the features like spotlighting, adding video, and adding text Classroom 2.0 appears to be a gem of support and collaboration, I look forward to becoming more involved with this
  6. 6. Moodle (abbreviation for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a free and open- source e-learning software platform, Makes learning convenient Own schedule and pace Ownership of learning Direct communication with instructor and classmates Lessons are well-organized and easy to follow Enjoyable and easy to use
  7. 7. Twitter Diigo Pinterest Wiki Twitter Account Diigo Library Pinterest Boards The Class Vine Wikispace
  8. 8. Wonderful experience with long-lasting impact. Taking Building Social Networks for Educators has been a truly wonderful learning experience on many levels. Not only have I learned about many valuable tools and how to use them, I have gained a new level of comfort with a variety of social media platforms. The way I approach my craft as an educator has irrevocably changed. The ability to connect and collaborate with other educators is invaluable. Finding new ways to engage and inspire my students (and colleagues!) has been exciting and inspiring for me; I cannot wait to implement what I have learned! The impact of this class promises to continue well into the future I am connected now and plan to continue to listen, collaborate, and learn. Many heartfelt thanks to Rich; his support and encouragement really helped me through.