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Women in Science conference presentation

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2. Overview m-WiSET history m-WiSET coordiantors m-WiSET activities m-WiSET member achievements Conclusion (approaches) 3. M-WiSET 4. M-WiSET history At the begin Science in Policy group (still existing) Studies of Magda Lola (group leader), working at Human Ressources at CERN on equal opportunities among others Antonella di Trapani at her time chairing the MCFA founded Women in science 5. Mobile Women in Science, Engineering and Technology Promote mobility among women scientists Empower women scientists and discourage discrimination and marginalisation Foster gender equality and scientific excellence in SET Encourage the promotion of equality policies at national and European level 6. M-WiSET webpage 7. M-WiSET current coordinators 8. Dual career and mobility against the brain drain Gianna Avellis Senior researcher Innovapuglia, SPA, Bari (Italy) Nationality Italian Research field Computer science Lived in Italy, UK 9. Through mobility you can learn more of the way of life of people in other places Nationality: Romanian, Hungarian Research field: architecture engineering Lived in: Germany, Italy, Canada, Portugal, Hungary Maria Bostenaru Research assistant Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, Romania 10. I.I. KiskunfelegyhzaKiskunfelegyhza, Hungary, Hungary Photo by SG grandmothergrandmother III. Pisa, Italy &III. Pisa, Italy & Montreal, CanadaMontreal, Canada grandmothers brother and his childrengrandmothers brother and his children II.II. FienenFienen, Danube, Danube swabiansswabians grandfathergrandfather 11. M-WiSET activities 12. M-WiSET activities ESOF sessions (Barcelona, Turin, Dublin, Copenhagen) m-WiSET booklet Promoted at the Marie Curie Conference in Warsaw Dedicated session in Dublin Invitations to other events Conference under the EU presidency in Budapest (2011) Portraits of role models (interview with Irish journalists, portrait for EU gallery etc) Invited in a committee about promotion of Women in Japan (5 years programme starting with programme Water) International observer and WG3 member in genderSTE Collaboration with WIRES, ECWT, Italian association 13. Our Booklet Antonella Di Trapani Eleni Chatzichristou Gianna Avellis Silvia Giordani Corinne Martin Reia Chmielowski Maria Bostenaru Natalia Balcazar Svetlana Baca Theodota Lagouri Nusrat Sanghamitra Elena Martines Sylvie Blangy ADD LINK TO BOOKLET HERE 14. Presentation of coordinators and Silvia according to the booklet 15. Conferences EU Presidency conferences Warsaw booklet stand Budapest session Vilnius poster; cooperation genderSTE Rome genderSTE conference ESOF sessions from science policy to women in science Invited WIRES Unfortunately no Gender Summit 16. Warsaw Marie Curie Conference 2011 under the Polish presidency Tour to Marie Curie roots (in the Letter to Members) Booklet stand Launch of the MCAA 17. Budapest Career Paths and Mobility of Women Researchers at Training, Career and Mobility of Researchers in the Innovation Union June 28-29, 2011, Budapest, Hungarian EU Presidency conference Maria BOSTENARU DAN sharing the Experience of a Marie Curie researcher Gianna AVELLIS representing m-WiSET 18. ESOF Stockholm 2004 partner in the Career Programme Barcelona 2008 Should I stay or should I go Turin 2010 dual career Dublin 2012 role models (booklet) Copenhagen 2014 together with ESF including also virtual mobility (and a speaker who did her PhD with Marie Curie in Hungary) 19. WIRES Online meetings 2013 Energy Research The Grid Biofuels and Sustainable Energy Learning and Gender Studies Materials Information Technology Water Conference 2014 Trondheim, Norway 20. Cooperation with other networks ECWT Italian Association for Women Scientists Women in ICT In detail: WIRES DFG COST - genderSTE 21. WIRES Maria BOSTENARU DAN Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism Early 20th century architecture Disaster management (earthquakes), reconstruction Digital methods Research partners needed For example for exchange (the continuation of IRSES in Horizon 2020) or for Marie Curie Outgoing Fellowships From Europe: ERASMUS partners in urban planning (we are in the ANDROID and Le:Notre networks) Conference session organisation Maria BOSTENARU DAN Marie Curie Fellows Association Mobile women in science, engineering and technology Science policy Research partners needed Promotion of role models Possibility to publish stories of such women Maria BOSTENARU DAN Personal Interests involvement in NGOs/participation: Here: HaDiKo travel cooking photography folk music and dress 22. genderSTE Women and energy and climate change Review of Horizon2020 paper Collaboration with Vienna (landscape issues and natural disasters) Participation Sapgeric Lithuanian presidency conference 2013 Submitted for engendering cities Italian presidency conference 2014 23. DFG cooperation Women in global science 5 years programme at the Hokkaido University Japan Symposium 2014 Water symposia/sym-2014/information/ call ends 10 April 2014 in the selection committee 24. Interviews For the EC Women who travel journal of the EC 2012 Gallery of women in research to be released April 2014 For Radio Romania Cultural (2012) About Marie Curie actions About Marie Curie women in science About own experience feature born in Romania (after 20 years) For German media on ESOF 2012 Dublin 25. Member achievements 26. Member achievements Silvia Giordani LOreal women in science prize My personal story Pioneer women architects (work in Romania) Gender issues in Horizon 2020 (work in genderSTE) From both an STSM in Hungary envisaged, and contacts made during current fellowship Borbla Farag gender issues MC IEF 27. Mobility is a true privilege Nationality Italian Research field Chemistry and Nanoscience Lived in Italy, USA, Ireland Silvia Giordani Research Asssistant Professor Trinity College Dublin 28. Radio interview, booklet First woman architect in the world Virginia Haret 29. Women history in Hungary Dr. Nagy Maria diploma genderSTE STSM proposal to Hungary Contacts with architecture historians Looking into the water issues natural disasters and landscape, bathes and gender 30. Transnational women literature Borbla Farag Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship at CEU Budapest, with symposium 31. Conclusion 32. Conclusion We used the following sociological approaches Statistics of human ressources Surveys and their evaluation Case study approach (role models) We are looking at Contemporary women in science examples from the association Approach to women around a certain topic (cities in genderSTE, water in Japan symposium, different other topics at WIRES, ICT at ECWT) 33. Thank you!