Bringing the Future to Life: Transmedia Future Scenarios

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Trevor HaldenbyMDes CandidateMRP Defence, April 18th 2013Bringing the Futureto LifePublic Domain: Department of Defense Gravitational Experiment, August 1967Tweet from Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, 2013by Ray Kurzweil, Attribution 1.0 Generic (CC BY 1.0)Public Domain: NHGRI: Domain: Department of Defense Trinity nuclear test, July 1945J. Craig Venter Institute, 2010Rafael Popper, How are foresight methods selected? (2008)Photo by pauliki (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) STORYTELLING vs. DrillabilityContinuity vs. MultiplicityImmersion vs. ExtractabilityWorldbuildingSerialitySubjectivityPerformance7 Core Concepts of Transmediafrom Henry Jenkins Robert Pratten (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)Build a world, not a linear narrative.Spread the story across a media ecosystem.Engage fans and participants as creators and curators.THE PILLARS OF TRANSMEDIA:Frankenstein,Universal Pictures, 1931$20,970The Story ofwww.byologyc.comhttp://www.byologyc.comhttp://www.byologyc.comTaking care of you... from the inside out.And now...The firmware update for your immune system.CONTROL.TAKING CARE OF YOUFROM THE INSIDE OUT.LIFECHOICECHANCECHANCESHOULD BE StaffZED.TO ParticipantsEXE AnarchistsJoin the ranks of ByoLogyc, and playa part in humanitys better tomorrow.Online LiveByoLogyc: Where You Become NewJuly 4-15 2012ByoLogyc: Patient ZeroSeptember 29 2012ByoLogyc: RETREATNovember 2-3, 2012Live IMMERSIVE PerformancesByoLogyc: 20 Years ForwardMarch 20 2012The 2025 Design Innovation AwardsFebruary 26, 2013ADVENTURE Ticket (Evacuee)POWER Ticket (SCD Agent)ACTION Ticket (EXE Anarchist)PRIVILEGE Ticket (Board Member)Build a world, not a linear narrative.Spread the scenario across media.Engage fans and participants as creators, curators, and futurists.THE PILLARS OFTRANSMEDIA SCENARIOS:Thank you!Greg van alstyne,Siobhan oflynn,Lenore richards,My SFI colleagues...?Questions?