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  • 1. Theoretical Physicist Brian Greene:Is Our Universe theOnly Universe?

2. Brian Greene captures the attention of his audience by telling his listeners about a new discovery in the field and that he will be discussing it. 3. Brian Greene maintained engagement of the audience with proper use of lively and passionate tone variations. 4. Of the 10 TED commandments, I feel Brian Greene followed #3 the best, thatis Make the complex plain. He has a knack for explaining physics and makingit enjoyable. 5. Dynamism: 3.5Given the subject matter, I feel Brian Greene dynamism level is right on. Too much andhe would be hard to follow, attacking the crowd. Too little and the presentation would put people to sleep! 6. Brian Greene uses computer simulated animations in his presentations, to aidboth visual and verbal listeners. Therefore I feel he follows Nancy Duartes 3rd Rule: Help them see what you are saying. 7. I have learned from watching mypresenter that delivery is a balancing act, aspeakers tone variations, ability to read crowd reaction as well as engagement allcome into play. 8. Compare:Brian Greene Sir Ken Robinson 9. Both are intelligent men who possess talents for gripping and holding the attention of their audiences and the areboth care deeply about what subjects they speak. 10. Brian Greene Contrast:Sir Ken Robinson 11. Sir Ken Robinson uses more wit and humor in his presentations. This ismore fitting for the content material being relayed. 12. One tip I would like to share with the class is to make sure the tone fits the subject matter. 13. Even when discussingyour lifes story, the vocal tones should neverdrone on. If the speakersounds bored theaudience will be also. 14. Image Citing: Brian Greene Rubber band- M2-9- Helix Nebula- Bust with headset- Blue Background- M16- wallpaper/greene/ Andromeda- Star Background, Bust- Star Cluster Background- Ken- Hands Moving- Greene- 246 Gold Swirls- Earth from space- http://free-codes-reality/ Twisting Fabric Of Space- Orion Nebula-