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  1. 1. LauraVillanueva Hitler Youth (Photograph) Retrieved on April 27, 2015 from Bartoletti, S. (2005) HitlerYouth. NY: Scholastic Hitler Youth is a book written about children in Germany that were basically brainwashed by Hitler himself. At a time when Germany was suffering from a weak and unstable government, high unemployment, and poverty Hitler promised the young generation a brighter future if they joined the Hitler Youth, an organization dedicated to Adolf Hitler. Many joined willingly. At the time Hitler was the leader of the National Socialist Party. Later he became the dictator of Germany. Herbert Norkus was the first youth to die for the cause of National Socialism. Many other young children devoted their lives to Hitler not knowing what they were really doing. They didnt know that that they were admiring a mass murder. Sophie and her brother Hans Scholl were fortunate enough to discover what was really happening and secretly fought back trying to make people aware of what Hitler was really doing, but unfortunately they were caught and killed. This book tells of the lives of children during the rise of Hitler. It tells how they were devoted to him to the point of going against their own parents. To the point of going against the Jews even if at one point they were friends with many of them. Spiders (Photograph) Retrieved on March 2, 2015 from Bishop, N. (2007) Spiders. NY: Scholastic. Spiders are meat eaters that sense their prey through their body vibrations. They use their fangs to inject their prey with venom. The front part of their body is called the cephalothorax where the stomach, eyes, and legs are and the back part is called abdomen where the heart and spinnerets is. Spiders silk is stronger than steel. When the spiders become adults they shed their skin and male spiders look for female spiders. Female spiders wrap their eggs in a soft silk case. Baby spiders look like adult spiders. How They Croaked (Photograph) Retrieved on April 28, 2015 from Bragg, G. (2011) How They Croaked: The Awful Ends of the Awfully Famous. NY: Walker How They Croaked is a book about thirteen famous peoples death. It talks about what happened after their death. King Tuts body was opened and all his organs were taken out and put into jars and taken with him to burry him. His brain was taken out through his nose because at the time they thought the only use of the brain was to keep the ears apart. Beethoven is another famous person included in this book. When he died he wasnt as famous as he is now. In this book you will read
  2. 2. LauraVillanueva about his last days alive and what he went through. You will read about the pain he encountered before his death. After his death his hair was stolen and sold. It was because of his hair that we now know that he had lead poisoning that caused him to dye. These are just two of the thirteen deaths this book talks about. My Teacher is a Monster! (Photograph) Retrieved on February 11, 2015 from Brown, P. (2014). My Teacher is a Monster. NY: Little Brown Books A boy named Bobby sees his teacher as a monster. She yells and screams and doesnt let her students throw paper airplanes. He escapes to his favorite place, the park. One day Bobby is at his favorite place when suddenly he spots Mrs. Kirby seating on a bench. He quietly sits next to her. He spends time with her and realizes she isnt a monster after all. Dear Mr. Henshaw (Photograph) Retrieved on April 19, 2015 from Clearly, B. (1983). Dear Mr. Henshaw. NY: Morrow. Leigh is a young boy struggling with the separation of his parents and being the new kid in school. He deals with his situation by pretending to write to his favorite author Boyd Henshaw. When his teacher requires the class to write to an author and ask questions Leigh of coarse writes to Mr. Henshaw. Leigh writes a short story about his dad and him on a truck drive with him. His story wins honorable mention in the yearbook. Through writing the story, writing in his journal, and writing to Mr. Henshaw he finds a way to cope with his dads absence. Gregor theOverlander (Photograph) Retrieved on April 28, 2015 from Collins, S. (20024). Gregor The Overlander. NY: Scholastic. Gregor is an eleven-year old who lives with his mom and sister in a New York City apartment. His dad mysteriously disappeared on night never to be seen again. To their knowledge he had left them. It was summer and Gregor had to take care of his two-year old sister. He and his little sister Boots fall into the air duct in the laundry room. They ended up landing in a world of talking animals. There were rats, bats, cockroaches, and spiders to name a few. Most of the story takes place in the underground world with these huge talking animals. Gregor and his sister find their dad whom had
  3. 3. LauraVillanueva disappeared two years ago. He also had fallen into the air duct. At the end of the story the author brings the characters back to reality when they finally make out of the underground world and enter their apartment in New York City. LoveThat Dog(Photograph) Retrieved on April 28, 2015 from Creech, S. (2001). Love That Dog. New York: Harper Collins If youre looking for a book on poetry you can understand, look no further! Love That Dog is written in a simple style that is easy to understand. This free verse poetry book can show anyone how easy it is to write your own poetry. Kids will love the story of Jack and how his teacher inspires him to write poetry even though he thought he never could. TheWatsons Go To Birmingham (Photograph) Retrieved on April 27, 2015 from Curtis, C.P. (1995). The Watsons Go to Birmingham, 1963. NY: Delacorte Kenny Watson is a typical African American ten-year-old boy livingin Flint with his older brother, younger sister, and parents. When Kennys older brother, Bryon, starts getting himself into trouble at home it causes the Watsons to make a trip to Birmingham where his mother is from. His parents had the idea of taking Bryon to his grandmothers house to stay for a while so he could straighten up. At this time African American people were fighting for equal rights. In his hometown of Flint there wasnt much going on compared to the South. Some readers may be able to relate to what the Watsons are going through in this era of time. The Watsons arrived to Birmingham safe but little did they know what was headed their way. Joetta, Kennys little sister, awoke Sunday morning ready for Sunday school. What happened next changed Kennys life in a matter of seconds. The church where Joetta was attending Sunday school was bombed. Thankfully nothing happened to his sister, but Kenny on the other hand was in shock and it took him awhile to overcome what he had seen at the church that morning. The Watsons Go to Birmingham focuses on the lifeof Kenny Watson and his family in an awful time in American history.
  4. 4. LauraVillanueva Martina the Beautiful Cockroach (Photography) Retrieved on March 2, 2015 from Deedy, C.A. (2007). Martina The Beautiful Cockroach. Atlanta, GA: Peachtree Martina is a beautiful cockroach that turned twenty-one and is ready to get married. Her family started to shower her with gifts, but her Cuban grandmother gave her the best gift of all, advice. Her advice to Martina was to spill coffee on her admires feet in order to find the right one to marry. Although Martina wasnt so sure of her grandmothers advice she went ahead and did as told. By doing so she scared away Don Gallo, Don Cerdo, and Don Lagarto, but when she tried doing the same to Perez, a mouse, she was in for a surprise. He spilled the coffee on her first. Martina had found her match. He too had a Cuban grandmother. The Legend of the Blue Bonnet (Photograph) Retrieved February 10, 2015 from DePaola, T. (1983). The Legend Of The Bluebonnet. NY: Putnam. A young Comanche girl named She-Who-Is-Alone gave up her valued possession (her doll ) to the Great Spirits to end drought and famine in return. This doll is the only thing she has left from her family who has passed away, so that was a huge sacrifice on her part. She goes to the hill where the spirits spoke to the shaman and offered her doll. She falls asleep and awakens to find the whole ground covered in beautiful blue flowers. The people came out and gathered with the young girl to sing and dance in thanks to the Great Spirits. While they where doing this it began to rain. From that day on the girl was given another name; One-Who-Dearly-Loved-Her- People. Out of My Mind (Photograph) Retrieved on April 19, 2015 from Draper, S. (2010). Out of My Mind. NY: Antheneum Melody is an eleven year old who cant speak, walk, or write. She is confined to a wheelchair and is going out of her mind. Nobody knows just how smart she is until she able to attend other classes through the inclusion program at school. Soon she discovers Medi-Talker a machine with
  5. 5. LauraVillanueva millions of words and phrases build into it that will allow her to speak through her pushing buttons. Once Melodys parents buy her one she is off. There is nothing that can stop her now. Her true brilliance is out in the open for everyone to see. Olivia (Photograph) Retrieved on February 11, 2015 from Falconer,I. (2011). Olivia. NY: Atheneum Olivia is a piglet who lives with her brother, mother, father, and cat. She is very active and wears people out. She even wears herself out. She is a typical little girl who gets annoyed by her brother. She tries on everything when getting dressed. Her mother takes her to the beach and the museum. Olivia dislikes taking naps and enjoys her mother reading to her before bed. TheGraveyard Book (Photograph) Retrieved on April 28, 2015 from Gaiman, N. (2008). The Graveyard Book. NY: Harper Collins In The Graveyard Book