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Fatima and Amani presentation


<ul><li> 1. What is a blog ?A blog is a collection of your private or public thoughtsWho came up with the idea of Blogs? Jorn BargerWhen?17 December 1997 (Lafontaine, S, 2004)</li></ul> <p> 2. Jorn Barger-Blogs 1995 Jorn created a website to post essays and resources of writers he was interested in 1997 He created the first Blog (Weblog) as a novel form of web publishing 1999 the term of WEBLOG was shortened to BLOG by Peter Merholz 3. What dose Blogging &amp; commentsmean? Blogging:- Blogging is the action you perform when you make apost to a web log or blog Comments:- written explanation or criticism or illustration that isadded to a book or other textual material. 4. Examples of blogs 5. My blog site 6. How to register? 7. - Easy to use web interface- Varity of ways to easily update your blog- Easy to use publishing editor- Varity of wonderful design template and layout- Memorable web address Email notification system 8. What is the purpose of MBS? Share your latest announcements and news, debate your position, support your claim, or just have some fun. 9. Who does MBS aim? It aims Both gender. Ages starts from 8. 10. How can MBS change our lives? Positively Negatively 11. Positively Develop your position and yourreputation as an expertStart your own BusinessMake new relations (close and far distances) and communication 12. NegativelyAddiction/insecureIsolation from the outside worldViruses/sharing private info about your self 13. Resources::Books :Hugh, Hewitt. (2005). Blog : understanding the information reformation thats changing yourworld/ Nashville, TN: Nelson Books.Myers, Greq.(2 009). Discourse of Blogs and Wikis. Continuum International Publishing.Journal Article:Lafontaine, S. (2004). A brief history of blogs: Final Edition. North Bay Nugget.Web sites:your-home-based-business-ideas. (2009). Retrieved from http : (2011). Retrieved in April, 28, 2012 from 14. Any Question?</p>