Blended approach to culturally responsive practice icot 2013

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<ul><li> 1. A Blended Approachto CulturallyResponsive Practice in MainstreamSchoolsJanelle Riki and Anaru White Blended e-Learning Facilitators</li></ul> <p> 2. PRESENTATION OUTLINE Mihimihi - greeting Priority Learners A tailored PLD approach Blended PLD delivery Culturally Responsive Practice Blended e-Learning for priority learners An Educators Kete VLN and CORE websites 3. MOE PRIORITY LEARNERS MoriPasifikaChildren with SpecialLearning Needs 4. Our priority learners arenot failing in our education system, Our education system isfailing them! 5. Poor Hungry Tired and or sick Inadequate, overcrowded housing Parents dont value education Parents dont do homework with their children orcome into school Poor behaviour Lazy Dont value education its cooler to fail Are not as smart as other kids 6. Accepting Inclusive Responsive 7. A TAILORED PROFESSIONAL LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT APPROACHPHASE 1PHASE 2 PHASE 3 CULTURAL AUDIT PLANNING PLDConduct a culturalDevelop strategic goalsaudit and produce a for Mori Education, Provide tailored andcomprehensive reportMori Achievement andspecific PLD to all staffthat describes theCultural Responsiveness. (and BOT memberscurrent state ofDevelop an Action Plan inwhere appropriate),collaboration with staff,that directly supportsCulturalthe BOT, the local MoriResponsiveness and the goals andCommunity and whnau;outcomes of thethat states that describes the schoolrecommendations for s current state, the schools action planthe future. desired state and that has and strategic plan.specific goals aimed atachieving the desiredoutcomes. 8. BLENDED PLD DELIVERY 9. Mori achieving EducationalSuccess as MoriOpportunities to celebrate and excel intheir own culture Traditional indigenous education and knowledge Natural inherent abilities, skills, expertise Indigenous Pedagogy Whnau, land &amp; natural resources, te reo, tribal connections Holistic view: physical, spiritual, academic Religion, spirituality Food Cultural practices and beliefs History, authority and autonomy 10. CULTURALLY RESPONSIVE PRACTICE Relationships: personal, meaningful, in-depth Values based Educate yourself Individual needs based Culture counts, know what you bring to the table High expectations: strengths, Mori potential Support, over and above the call of duty Meaningful contexts Facilitate, encouragement, self-directedlearning, autonomy, leadership 11. WHY BLENDED E-LEARNING ISSUCCESSFUL FOR PRIORITY LEARNERS Autonomy, self directed Interactive Gateway to a wider world Individualised pace and ability Access available for wider family, iwi Integration, collaboration, innovation Their world, their comfort zone Face to face relationships 12. AN EDUCATORS KETE Meaningful relationships Te Reo me na Tikanga Mori Culturally Responsive Practice Te Tiriti o Waitangi, Ka Hikitia, Ttaiako Engagement with whnau Acknowledgment of iwi/hap &amp; hau kinga 13. BeL Mori &amp; 14. CORE Professional 15. Janelle RikiEmail: janelle.riki@core-ed.orgTwitter: @jayerikiAnaru WhiteEmail: anaru.white@core-ed.orgTwitter: @anaruwhite</p>


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