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Bhopal gas tragedy

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Text of Bhopal gas tragedy

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Bhopal Gas Tragedy Presented By:-Saikat Ghosh , Rishav Pandey ,Puneet Punjabi ,Revti Ojha, Riya Upadhyay

As students of managements what are the lessons that we draw from the Bhopal Gas Tragedy?

The learnings that we as management students get are

Proper PlanningTraining of employees

Proper security measures

Locate the plant at a safe distance from the city

Proper safety measures for the employees


Why did the Industrial Disaster in Bhopal Gas Tragedy took place?

Main causes of the disasterNon-functioning of cooling system of tank E610Hypothesized that water entered the MIC storage tankExothermic reaction catalyzed by ferrous corrosion of tanks liningTank ruptured at 1AM and MIC vapors was dischargedAir temperature was low and slow northerly wind was blowing

What would have the company done to avoid the disaster?

Main things the company would have done to avoid the situation

What Safety precautions should manufacturing units take to ensure safety of people ?

Precautions manufacturing units should take are :

Precautions manufacturing units should take are :

What was the reaction of Americans to the disaster?

Reaction of Americans to the disaster:First noted when asked by the employee to the American telling them about MIC.Concern by Kusum being shoved off on the basis of geographical factor.Americans did not take the responsibility of the plant, as it was fully handled by the Indians.Gave victims cough syrup for the breathing problem caused due to the inhalation of the lethal gas.

What are the long term implications to the Bhopal Gas Tragedy?

Long term implications:Health crisis

Ecological crisis Economic crisis