Become a Better You

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Become a Better You

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  • 1. 7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day BECOME A BETTER YOU Joel Osteen

2. 1. KEEP PRESSING FORWARD 1. Stretching to the next level 2. Give your dreams a new beginning 3. The power of your bloodline 4. Breaking free from the strongholds of your past 5. The generational blessing 6. Discovering your destiny 3. 2. BE POSITIVE TOWARD YOURSELF 1. Stop listening to accusing voices 2. Learning to like yourself 3. Making your words work for you 4. Have confidence in yourself 4. 3. DEVELOP BETTER RELATIONSHIPS 1. Bringing the best out on people 2. Keep the strife out of your life 3. Taking a stand for your family 4. Invest in your relationships 5. Being good to people 5. 4. FORM BETTER HABITS 1. Feed your good habits 2. Develop a habit of happiness 3. Handing criticism 4. Keep your self happy 6. 5. EMBRACE THE PLACE WHERE YOU ARE 1. Embrace the place where you are 2. It is well with my soul 3. Stay in peace 4. Remember the good 5. God is in control 7. 6. DEVELOP YOUR INNER LIFE 1. Rising higher 2. Develop a tender conscience 3. Dealing with the root issues 8. 7. STAY PASSIONATE ABOUT LIFE 1. Plan for blessing 2. Keep singing your song 3. From believing to expecting 4. Stay passionate about your life