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Grade 4 presentation of beavers.

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  • 1. Beavers

2. Beavers live in North America and Europe 3. Beavers build their dams in creeks and rivers. Beaver dams are made of sticks and mud. 4. A beaver dam has a tunnel for an entrance, a living space, an area for food storage, and an air hole on top. 5. Beavers use their teeth to chop down trees. Their teeth never stop growing. 6. Beavers have wide, flat tails that they use to steer while swimming. They also use their tails to flatten mud and to ward off danger by slapping the water. 7. Beavers have two layers of fur.A longer outer layer and a shorter, fluffy inner layer.These two layers keep them warm and dry. 8. Beavers can stay under water for up to 15 minutes.They have clear eyelids so they can see while under water. 9. A baby beaver is could a kit live around 10 years 10. 11. 12.