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This is the main theatrical poster for the upcoming 2016 film Batman vs. Superman. The film is highly anticipated since its official announcement in the summer of 2013. In addition to this, the film is part of the DC Comics cinema sector, so its joining an established and popular company. This film is also a cross-over of multiple characters from these films so the film will have a pre-established fan-base, as well as attracting new audiences with the addition of new superheroes. From this, I can infer the marketing for this film is vital in retaining the amount of audience anticipation there is currently, whilst attracting more people also. It is clear that this is the full theatrical poster due to its content; the main cast are all recognised and the release date for the film. This poster is also particularly appealing to the audience as all three of the main characters are shown together for the first time on a poster. This would create excitement for the film as the fans can now see the costume, setting and overall style of the film, and thus judge their interest on that. In addition to this the audience can infer the genre of the film is action/ adventure and thus the institution can target their film at a particular audience.

Background:The background of the poster in the main location of the film of which is Gotham City, a fictional setting where the DC films are set. This is clearly recognisable to fans of the DC films or comics. In addition to this, the location also helps to inform the audience to the genre of the film. The conventional setting for action films is large populated cities as it enables the protagonist to be able to save a large group of people, and for the antagonist to cause mass destruction.Colours:The colours of this poster are dark, particularly with the rain over the image. This is fairly unusual as the rain effect can prevent the audience from clearly seeing the characters and full poster. However this poster is effective as the rain isnt covering too much of the image, but it adding the desperate and gloomy effect which is enhanced by the other dark colours on the poster. This also makes the poster appear more modern and unique as not many movie posters use this effectively.

Text/ Typography:Throughout the poster, all of the typography is the same, so they must change the size of the text to ensure the title of the film is the boldest and most impacting element. In addition to this the date of the film is shown underneath the title of the film meaning the audience can clearly see when the film will be in cinemas. This is a vital element that needs to be included in a full theatrical poster to help gain the largest audience to watch the film in cinemas.Layout:The layout of the poster is fairly unusual as the two main characters arent stood next to each other; rather one behind the other. In addition to this, the third character in importance is stood alongside one of the main title characters. Furthermore, one of the characters is looking directly at the audience, whilst the other two are looking away which could signify an importance to the audience. This character is also stood the straightest and boldest which could suggest his strength and power over the other character; a vital indication to the narrative.