Batman v Superman Campaign

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Batman VS Superman Campaign

Batman V Superman Campaign

TrailersThere are two trailers for this film; teaser trailer and a official trailer (Comic Con).

The teaser was used to promote the film to the audience with a brief description of what's to come in this film as well as informing the audience that a new film is out and when it will be released. The official trailer is longer than the teaser trailer and has more information to it like extra scenes and the official release date of the film.


PostersLike trailers, teaser posters and official posters where released for the film as well.

Above is the teaser poster. In this poster, we can see the faces of Batman and Superman with the logos over their faces. The only thing that is different to these pictures is that the logos have swapped which could connote that they are blinded by their enemy. Over each logo is the year that the film will be released. For each of the characters, the page is filled in with the colours that we normally associate with these peoples as they are the colours that are used in their costumes. In the other poster, we can see the logo against a black background with a hint of light behind the logo. Instead of just the year being shown, we know have the season of the release date and the cast of the film as well.

Website is the website for the film and give the audience more as well as promoting the film.

The website has four categories to it; videos, gallery, about and downloads.

In the trailer section, it shows the two trailers for the film (teaser and official Comic Con).In the gallery section, there are a series of pictures (bits of scenes) to show us what will be in store.

In the about section, it gives us a brief synopsis of the film without spoilers.

In the download section, pictures and additional content can be downloaded to your computer.

MerchandiseAs well as a website, merchandise is used to promote the film

Toys are a great way to promote the film because kids would want to buy them and even collectors. This will also make the film get promoted further as the adverts for these products will be advertised.Other merchandise such as mugs, posters, etc are sold to promote the film. This also makes the film receive extra profit. Another way that makes this a technique of promoting is that the products will be noticed in public as they will be noticed when people go shopping.


Magazine covers are another way of promoting films. This Empire magazine cover is mainly focusing on Batman V Superman because the picture that is normally on the front of Empire is the film that is mainly being discussed in that issue.

In this cover, we can see Batman and Superman on the front cover with a rip down the middle of the page which acts a dividing line which tells us that they are against each other. At the bottom of the magazine, the official title of the film is shown.

InterviewsThere are many interviews for this film. Most of the interviews are cast interviews and there is also a Comic Con panel talk.

In these interviews, the cast talk about what to expect in the film and the cast are also there to introduce their character to the audience.

Another thing that you find in these talks are the directors talking about how they came up with the idea of the film as well as the characters they wanted for the film, settings, etc. There are also some behind the scenes features as well to show people how certain scenes where done, some of the scenes being acted out, etc.

Sneak peaks of the film may also be shown.