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1. This is one AddMedia ButtonThis is another AddMedia Button 2. Clicking on this Will cause these options to arriveIf you choose files and foldersA box like this will show itself 3. From here youcan go toother drives:The R-Drive,your H-Drive,the M-driveYou can find files in your My Videos folder.(I wouldnt save much in here, its not very big) 4. If you choose DVCamcorder A box like this willappear and youmay be able todownload footagedirect from thecamera onto yourcomputer.If you need help uploading footage from acamera to a computer see PowerPoint calledCamera Connections 5. Dead easy: once you have imported footage, either from files andfolders or capture from device that footage will show up on the topright of your workspace. It is now a case of drag and drop. Click onthe file to be added and drag to the place where you want it 6. Place the red line whereyou want to cut the clipand press the scissorsbutton on the line. 7. Three options:1. Right click on the videotrack to be edited andchoose the option Fade2. This will give you someoptions like Fade InVideo Fade In Audio etc3. Choose which one youwant and it willautomatically be added tothe trackOR1. Go to theTransitionsmenu andchoose Dip toBlack2. Drag this ontothe track to beedited.3. (the bonus ofDip to Black isthat it canoverlap twotracks and onewill fade out toblack and thenext will fade in)OR1. Hover the mouse over the yellow line on thefilm clip2. Press the CTRL key and click the mouse3. A ball will appear on the line. You canmanipulate how you please 8. Two options:1. Rolling titles:Go to thetitles andtext tab andchoosedefault roll.2. Still titles: Go to the titles and text tab and choose default text.Either of these will put a blank title in the work bar that is ready to beedited. You can add words, adjust their shape, font and size