Banned drugs still available in India

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Slide 1BANNED DRUGS STILL AVAILABLE IN INDIASpeaker - Ashajyothi MushineniDRUGAny substance that when absorbed into the body that alters normal body function.Enhances physical and mental well being.Drug control authority of India is the highest authority or approval and banning of drugs.PHARMACOVIGILENCEINDIAN PROFILE IN DRUG INDUSTRYIndustry size : 25.8 Bn USDExports : 13.2 Bn USDImports : 3.52 Billion USDIndustry is growing @ 20% p.aDomestic Market 2011-2012 : 12.6 Bn USD4th Largest in world in terms of Volume & ranks 13th in terms of Value if two or more countries remove a drug from their market on grounds of efficacy and safety, then the continued marketing of the drug in the country will be considered for examination and appropriate action. * THE INDIAN DRUGS REGULATORY AGENCY *India needs its own facts and it needs to put them to work.In India....Safety and efficacy trial on roughly 100 Indian volunteers.An off-patent drugs market.A number of companies made their copies .Sometimes before the innovator!!!!!Beware of banned drugs!!!!Create awareness atleast in your family members!!Be cautious regarding expiry dates!!!Dont use over doses!Take care for children medicine as it may leads to the death sometimes!THANK YOU


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