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Back to School Night 2013- 7th Grade- Rabbi Fein

Rabbi Yoni Fein7 B3/ G3 Gemara classEmail: yfein@moriahschool.orgGenerally will respond pretty quickly via email

Back to School Night 2013- 7th Grade- Rabbi FeinGeneral Classroom Procedure & PhilosophyClear expectations and open lines of communicationRespect for Torah, classmates, our classroom and school building & teachersWhile grades count, focus is on the learning and not on the gradesAccountability, responsibility, OWN IT!Goals for the classAPPLICATION3 Contract & Behavior ManagementWe establish / as a group. Instead of rules we have laws of behavior.Class Dojo- behavior (behavior reflection assigned when necessary)NOT reinforcementThe Learning Goal (TLG)- put on the board everyday so students know what they are achieving each day.Goal is to establish a positive & enjoyable learning atmosphereCurriculumSelected topics in Shas that are applicable to the students lives. Each week, we will begin with the Mishna, progress to important excerpts from the related Gemara, and then finish the week with an engaging lesson on how to bring the weeks learning into our daily lives.Enrichment Centers for Differentiated InstructionMission: To develop and apply Torah-learning skills in a meaningful way & to learn real-life lessons from the textDinimOnce a week, our class meets for a double session. The extra time is spent learning about that typically correspond to the Parshat Hashavua or an upcoming Moed.Vocabulary & Reading SkillsShout Outs- Key vocabulary that students come across in their learning of a text. Bi-weekly assessments on shout outs.Lessons revolve around a specific text so students have exposure to all types of texts in .Workbook is in to support our Safah programTechnologyHaiku- Post files, assignments, due dates, and updates for students and parentsClassDojo: System for students to monitor their classroom behavior in detailChromebooks: When the students receive their devices, we will begin utilizing a variety of web-based apps that will enhance learning and collaborationMultimedia Resources: Throughout the year, I plan on utilizing various multimedia presentations, videos, and interactive projects that aid the class lessons.Flipped Classroom: Students will watch videos for homework that teach basic concepts necessary to work on projects in class the following day." " ( :)

- Optimal education requires an understanding of each students individual needs and skill set. I look forward to partnering with you and welcome you to email me at any time to discuss ways to enhance your childs learning.I look forward to an incredible year of learning, growth, and achievement