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Azimuth Academy Life Skill & Soft Skill Courses presentation. Available both on CDs and as Online courses. Suitable for Individuals, Corporates,& Trainers. Visit: Contact: +91 9787362006


  • 1. EDUCATIONAL CDS2/27/2013

2. WHO WE ARE Azimuth is a pioneering IT Services Company launched in the year 2000 with aninitial investment of 20 Million Rupees. It operates in Chennai and Pondicherrywith 150 Professional Associates Azimuth specializes in Multimedia Content Development , Graphical AnimationDevelopment, eLearning Content Services, Mobile Content Development, OnlineCourses and Educational CD/DVDs2/27/2013 3. SUBJECT EXPERT AREAS Soft Skill courses Life Skill courses K-12 content Engineering content Basic Healthcare content Medical Transcription Training Program 2/27/2013 4. SOFT SKILL COURSES Course designed by Corporate Soft Skill Experts for self-paced learning Simple yet effective presentation suitable for any aspirant Highly engaging and interactive content Aggregate duration of courses is 90 min Popular titles are: Communication Skills, Job Interview Skills, Presentation Skills, Time Management Skills, Customer Service Skills and Decision Making Skills 2/27/2013 5. COMMUNICATION SKILL2/27/2013 6. JOB INTERVIEW SKILLS2/27/2013 7. LEADERSHIP SKILLS2/27/2013 8. PRESENTATION SKILLS2/27/2013 9. TEAM SKILLS2/27/2013 10. TIME MANAGEMENTSKILLS2/27/2013 11. CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS2/27/2013 12. DECISION MAKING SKILLS2/27/2013 13. LIFE SKILLS COURSES Life Skills courses have become mandatory in schools after the implementation of Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) methods in various state boards Azimuth Life Skill courses incorporate practical lessons that are vital in daily life for school children of all ages. Azimuth popular Life Skill courses are: Health & Hygiene, Managing Exam Stress, Traffic Rules & Road Sense, Environmental Friendliness, Teenage Answers, etc., Azimuth Life Skill course duration varies from course to course. The approximate duration of each course is around 60 min. Azimuth Life Skill courses provides content that is engaging, interactive and animated. They captivate and motivate young minds to master vital Life Skill practices all on their own.2/27/2013 14. HEALTH & HYGIENE2/27/2013 15. MANAGING EXAM STRESS2/27/2013 16. TRAFFIC RULES & ROAD SENSE2/27/2013 17. ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLINESS2/27/2013 18. TEENAGE CHALLENGES2/27/2013 19. MS OFFICE 2007 The MS OFFICE 2007 suite comprising MS WORD, EXCEL and POWERPOINT is very commonly used by almost all computer users. But unfortunately very few users know how to utilize its valuable features to create & deliver professional work. The Azimuth MS OFFICE 2007 tutorials significantly unveil the unique features available in the Suite and explains how to apply them in day-to-day work. There is also a significant difference in the design, facility and usage of MS OFFICE 2003 when compared to MS OFFICE 2007. Azimuth CD tutorial teaches the effective usage of each of the MS OFFICE 2007 component in detail. Azimuth MS OFFICE 2007 CD tutorial covers 101 interactive exercises that is the most special and exclusive offering of our MS OFFICE 2007 tutorial2/27/2013 20. MS WORD 20072/27/2013 21. MS EXCEL 20072/27/2013 22. MS POWERPOINT 20072/27/2013 23. HEALTHCARE COURSES The Azimuth Academy conducts Online & eLearning based training to students around the world. The Medical Transcription Training program is very popular in the Indian market. The 12 years International Healthcare BPO experience & expertise of Azimuth forms the basis of all our Training programs. Captivating and Interactive 2D animations along with simple content make core concepts easy to assimilate by the learners Azimuth popular Healthcare courses are: The Human Body Human Anatomy & Physiology Diet & Nutrition 2/27/2013 24. HEALTHCARE SAMPLE 2/27/2013 25. CEO Mr. Terry Leger Technocrat & Visionary with 30 years of experience in software and servicesin India, Europe, USA & Canada Masters in Computer Science and Business Administration Founder/Co-founder of 4 International Software Companies in Europe &North America International expertise in Software development & BPO services Pilot and avid Adventurer2/27/2013 26. GM & VP - Anand Pioneer with 15 years of Senior Management experience in ITServices Strong expertise in eLearning & Education Content Services Bachelor of Engineering & Masters in Marketing Management Heads a Team of 150 associates at Chennai & Pondicherry2/27/2013 27. CONTACTAZIMUTH48/1, 30 Feet Road, Azeez NagarPondicherry 10.Ph: +91 9787362006 (John) / +91 98437 02020 (Anand)E-mail:; anand@azisoft.comWebsites: / www.azimuthacademy.com2/27/2013 28. LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR BUSINESS2/27/2013