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Assignment 9: Collage of Horror Iconography Gelsomina Chelsea Kelly Tayla

Assignment 9: Collage of Horror Iconography

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  • 1. Assignment 9: Collage of Horror Iconography Gelsomina Chelsea Kelly Tayla

2. Some outfits are covered in blood which highlights their evil side.Some killers wear slaughter outfits which fit into the gore genre.Some villains wear suits which can mean that their evilness is seen as their daily business.Some villains have red which symbolise blood in their costume.Some wear everyday clothing to blend in with society.Some villains wear a black cloak with a mask which hides their identity completely. 3. Teenage damsel in distress.Some female hero characters are not based in modern society.There is sometimes in a teenage horror movie, the girl who is promiscuous.Teenage female friends.Females are sometimes sexualised in horror movies.Stereotypically, there is always a teenage group.Sometimes there are couples based paranormal stories based in the past. 4. Character is hidden and therefore is scared. Characters make up looks realistic which can imply that this situation can occur to anyoneBy using this position in the dark and being able to see the weapon, this body language creates tension and anticipation. Showing bloody mouth and sharp teeth shows hunger and hints to the Make up to characters convey demon death. creature.Character is petrified due to facial expression.Evil smiles creates the sense of predatory behave.Body language shows that the character is scared as she is huddled up into a ball. 5. Establishing shot/Wide shot To set the scene which gives the viewer information of location. In horror movies, this is stereotypically a haunted house.Close up shot - This shot is used to show detail. In horrors, a close up shot is stereotypically used upon the suffering character to show their fear.Long shot Used to frame a character or subject of their whole body. In horror movies, this is stereotypically used on the killer or person being chased. 6. Low Angle Taken from a lower place so it looks up upon the character. This is effective in horror if it is used on the villain to create power and dominance.High Angle Taken from a high angle that looks down upon the character. This is effective to make the character seem weak. This is effective if used in a POV of the villain and makes the audience feel involved. 7. Tracking - This can be used in horror movies in chase scenes to keep the scene flowing.Tilt - This is used to reveal more of a setting. Used to reveal a whole outfit of a character. Can be used in horror to reveal information or introduce a character. 8. Celebrities in horror films Some iconic celebrities that feature in horror films tend to stay within this genre, such as Sarah Michelle Gellar and Patrick Wilson. Actors usually begin their movie career in the horror genre as new actors are always needed for horror films 9. Key scenes These are the re-occurring elements in all horror films such as someone ending up hiding under a bed or being in a bath tub such as in the grudge. These are scenes we expect from horror films, it is usually the highest impact for reaction of the viewer 10. The Plot The plot is the basis of the film, it is the purpose of creation. The plot could be based on the following: Religion Children Based on a true story