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Assignment 8: Synoptic Research Of The Horror Genre Kelly Morales Chelsea Hopkins Gelsomina De Lucia Tayla Humphris

Assignment 8:Synoptic Research of the horror genre

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  • 1. Assignment 8: Synoptic Research Of The Horror Genre Kelly Morales Chelsea Hopkins Gelsomina De Lucia Tayla Humphris

2. Genre Decision 3. The term 'horror' first comes into play with Horace Walpole's 1764 novel, The Castle of Otranto, full of supernatural shocks and mysterious melodrama. The roots of filmed horror were an extension of a genre of literature that got its start in the late 1700s: Gothic Horror. The first great horror classic (Frankenstein 1818) was written by a Romantic at the heart of the movement - Mary Shelley. In 1896 Georges Mlis would go on to create what is considered to be the first horror film ever made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPmKaz3Quzo#t=127 The Manor of the Devil with bats, castles, trolls, ghosts, and a demon played by Georges Mlis himself, in the clip there are clear elements of gothic horror that were already known by the public. 4. Silent Era of Horror began to become well known after the WW1. People flocked to the movies because it was the only form of entertainment that people felt they were getting their moneys worth. The audience consisted of a variety of ages starting with young teens to middle ages men and women. House on Haunted Hill in 1959 was filmed in Emergo which triggered a skeleton that would fly around the theatre suspended on wires. Once kids knew this was coming theyd bring their slingshots and see who could be the one to shoot it down. And the Tingler, also in 1959, wired up movie theatre seats with joy buzzers and encouraged the audience to scream as a way of calming down the spine monster that was let loose in the theatre. There was audience participation which would make them feel part of the movie. 5. Mainly in black and white up until the 1960s. Classic horrors contains mythical creatures which the audience of that time could understand such as Medusa. Most of the movies were silent until the late 1920s. Sci fiction was introduced where monsters were the killers but not only from outer space. Psycho in the 1960, created a whole new level of fear as unlike the monsters of previous horror cycles, Norman Bates (Psycho) was rooted in reality an every day human on the outside but a psychological monster in the mind. 6. The purpose of the horror genre is to create fear among the audience. The genre has this purpose because it makes the audience feel apart of the movie as if they were the main character as they are sharing the same fear. The effect on the audience is that it creates fear, tension and a sense of instability as they do not know what is going to happen which adds a layer of thrill to the genre. However, some films contain conventions of multiple genres. Therefore, the purpose of the horror (subgenre) is to show different levels of fear and different types of creatures in different forms. 7. Nosferatu PG (10) 1922 Conventions: -Strange events near a castle. -Unusual Occurrences. (Vampires) The reason why this is a horror is because it contains shipment of vampire coffins and death.Frankenstein PG 1931 Conventions : -It includes a monster - Grave scenes the reason why this is horror is because of the fighting scene, including a doctor being strangled and a man is hanged.Dracula PG (10) 1931 Conventions: -Vampires sucking blood. Including his dull and cold looking castle. The reason why this is a horror is because it contains the transformation of a human being to a undead.The Haunting 12A 1936 Conventions -Existence of ghosts - Sprits The reason why this is a horror is because its based in a big old mansion with history of violent and death and insanityHouse of Wax 18 1953 Conventions: -Lifelike wax sculptures -Dead bodies gone from a citys morgue. The reason why this is a horror is because a man comes back to life from being burnt after 18 months. 8. Film nameYearRating SubgenreSaw200418CrimeParanormal Activity200715MysteryInsidious201015ThrillerThe Cabin in the Woods201215MysteryScream199618CrimeJaws1975PGAdventureYoure Next201115ComedyWorld War Z201315Sci-FiThe Purge201315Sci-Fi 9. Film nameYearRating SubgenreMama201315ThrillerDark Shadows201212AComedyShaun of the Dead200415ComedyJennifers Body200915ComedySweeny Todd200718MusicalResident Evil: Retribution201215Action28 Days Later200218Sci-FiHouse of Wax200515ThrillerWolf Creek200518Adventure 10. Contempory horror filmsYearRatingSubgenreInsidious201015Thriller/ParanormalMama201315Thriller/ParanormalParanormal activity07-1415Thriller/ ParanormalPossession201215Paranormal/The conjuring201315Thriller/ParanormalSinister201215Mystery, ThrillerGrave encounters201115Paranormal/ThrillerHouse at the end of the street201215Mystery/ThrillerFriday the 13th200918Thriller/GoreCabin in the woods201215Mystery/Thriller 11. Kelly Mystery: Unclear of who it is behind the mask. Enigma and tension is created throughout.Gelsomina Horror : There is a masked person with a knife. Blood scenes. Gore scenes.Crime : Character is not a creature but a person and therefore this a crime/murder investigation.Comedy : Loads of double meaning jokes. Jokes towards high school stereotypes. 12. Mystery It has mystery conventions as the viewer is left wondering why the group are being targeted and for what reasons until the very endThriller It has thriller conventions because the audience are left feeling elements of hope and are always on edge