Asish Gouda's Manual Testing Course of study

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<ol><li> 1. Chapter-1 Software Testing or Quality Assurance Introduction What is Testing ? What is Quality ? Why use Testing in IT Company ? Project Management in IT Company Difference Between Project and Product Software Development lifecycle (SDLC) SDLC Models Agile Process Waterfall Model Spiral Model RAD Model Prototype Model Incremental and Iterative Model Using Verification and Validation Purpose Configuration Management (CMS) Use of VSS About VSS Tool and operationsChapter-1 Assignment for HomeworkChapter-2 Basics Knowledge of Quality Assurance or Software Testing Testing Methodologies Black Box Testing Methodologies With Box Testing Methodologies Basics of Software Testing Testing Levels Quality Assurance using in IT Company Unit Level Integration Level System Level User Acceptance Level For Quality or Testing of application types using Testing Life Cycle using in IT Company SQA Vs SQC Software Quality Standards in IT Company ISO Standards IEEE Standards CMM/CMMI Process Guidelines Roles and Responsibility in Organization as a QA/Testing Engineer IT Company Using Environment for project Risk Management ProcessChapter-2 Assignment for HomeworkChapter-3 Real Time Software Testing Implementation </li><li> 2. Documents for Testing Application Business Requirement Specification Software Requirement Specification Functional Requirement Specification Test Plan Why Use Test Plan Test Plan Template Test Plan Preparation Test Scenarios Why Use Test Scenarios Test Scenarios Template Test Scenarios Preparation Test Case Why Use Test Case Test Case Template Test Case Preparation Test Case Design Techniques Equivalence Class Partitioning Boundary Value Analysis Comparison Testing Error Gassing Test Date Why use Test Data Test Data Preparation Requirement Traceability Matrix Why Use RTM RTM Template Application Build Workflow Defect Report Template Defect lifecycle Re-testing Regression Testing Testing Status Reports Daily status report Daily defect report Weekly status report Retesting status report Regression status report Test Summary reports and test closureChapter-3 Assignment for HomeworkChapter-4 Web Application TestingChapter-4 Assignment for Homework </li></ol>