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April 2015 group advisement

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ASAP Group advisement

ASAP Group advisementAPRIL 2015 (spring session I)Important remindersApril 3rd- April 11th- Spring Break, No classesApril 22nd Irregular Day Classes Follow Monday ScheduleApril 29th Last Day to Apply for Spring 2015 GraduationMay 8th Last Day to Withdraw from a CourseMay 17th NYC AIDS WalkASAP Club Meetings: Wednesdays, 2 pm 3 pm, B116FREE TAX PREPARATION @ Single StopSingle Stop is offering free Tax Preparation to all LaGuardia students (matric and non-degree) and their family members starting Monday, January 26, 2015. Visit Room C109, and bring the following:

Photo ID and social security cards for everyone to be listed on return

W-2 forms for each job

If claiming childcare expenses, documentation & providers tax ID, and any other tax-related documentation you have received (i.e. 1099).

Tax Preparers Hours - Monday & Thursday 10am - 6pm; Tuesday & Wednesday 10m - 5pm.

For more information call (718) 482-5135 or email [email protected]

The people have spokenThursday, April 23 at 8:00 pm 200 West 45th StThursday, May 7 at 7:00 pm 214 West 42nd StFirst Come, First Serve* Preference will be given to previous event attendees.

Visit B235 and speak to Matthew to Sign-Up

$20 Deposit Required (Will be returned on day of event)

Welcome to Time management 101Myths about Time ManagementThe Benefits of Time ManagementSteps to Managing your Time

We dont plan to failWe fail to plan

Time management is a life skill, not a study skill.12

Myths about time managementI wont have enough time no matter what I do!I work better under pressure.I already get a lot of things done, so I dont need to improve my Time Management skills.

Benefits of time managementYou improve your self-esteem.You reduce your stress.You are more productive.You achieve balance in your life.You avoid meltdowns.Allows more time to review.You reach your goals. Increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Biggest time management problem?

Forms of procrastinationIgnoring the task, hoping it will go awayUnderestimating how long it will takeOverestimating your abilities and resourcesTelling yourself that poor performance is okayDoing something else that isnt very importantTalking about a hard job rather than doing itBecoming paralyzed when having to make choices

How to stop procrastinating?Get rid of distractions and find a study area that works best for you.

Set goals for yourselfPlan each day, week, and semester.Set long-term and short term goals.Set a deadline for your goals.Understand that goals change but know which goals to stick with.Track how you use your timeDiscover how you really spend your time.Assess if you are using your time efficiently.

Work smarter, not harderSet realistic goals. There are only 24 hours in a day.Use spare time for review.Make it a habit to study at the same time each day.Prioritize your goals and identify in what order things need to be done.Set aside study time: 2 hours per 1 hour of class.

Evaluate your energy level at different times of the day and schedule your tasks when you have the energy level to match.

Once you are aware of your priorities, plan out a schedule for the semester, day, and week.Integrate your goals: School, Personal, Career.Planning Tools:

Monthly PlannerWeekly PlannerTo Do ListsElectronic Device

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