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1. When I started I felt like thinking about what to do in a classroom, how call the students attention without materials ......... 2. First we had a wonderful lecture with Mrs. Michele Gordon. She showed us many ways of work with the students in na easy form. At the beginning it seemed difficult and almost impossible. But then, I realized that it was possible ...... 3. I worked with my students and used what I was learned. We made progress!!! 4. We also had help with technology. And it was possible with our partner Marcia (Thank you so much!). Of course, it was another challenge, and I could learn a little bite more. 5. Mr. Wagner Veillard brought us strategies to work with music and playing with thw students. I was improving more and more .... 6. I really learn a lot and change my mind about many things after this wonderful course. Now I know that I can do many things even if I have challenges. The challenges help us to be stronger! 7. Of course, I have to put here how happy I am after these months, sharing experiences with other teachers. I also have to write about the wonderful staying in English Camp on Saturday, November 30. All day long speaking, listening and thinking only in English was very nice!!!! 8. Liana Thank you so much for make this project become reality!!!!