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Colonies A group of insects that live together. Colonies of ants work together to get food.

Ants vocabulary

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  • 1. Colonies A group of insects that live together.Colonies of ants work together to get food.

2. Carpenter Someone that works with wood. The carpenter ant has a wooden anthill. 3. Parasol An umbrella used for protection of the sun. The lady took a nap on the beach under a parasol. 4. Herd A group of animals. I saw a herd of cows walking in the field. 5. Tropical Having to do with the area around the equator. I saw a parrot on a tropical island. 6. Tending Caring for. I saw a cat tending her kittens. 7. Weaver A person or insect that laces together strings or fibersto create cloth, webs, or cocoons The spider is a great weaver as it makes its webs. 8. Stiff Not easily bent. The piece of metal was so stiff I could hardly bend it. 9. antennae A pair of long feelers on the head of an insect.The ant has its antennae moving around trying to smell for food. 10. cocoons Silky tread that larvae live in as they change and grow. The caterpillar made a cocoon so that it could turn into a butterfly.. 11. fungus A large group of plants such as mushrooms or mold that do not have leaves or flowers. I found some fungus on a tree. 12. larvae Worm-like form of very young ants or other insects. I found some fungus on a tree. 13. tunnels Long holes that are dug under the ground. Ants make tunnels under their ant hills. 14. nearby A short distance away. A store that is nearby Shady Brook is Gails Mini Mart. 15. stalks The main stems of plants. You cut the stalk of a plant to give flowers for a present. 16. sawdust The dust-like material that falls from wood when it is sawed or chewed. The carpenter left sawduston the floor. 17. log A piece of tree that has been cut. They put a log on the fire. 18. fastening Attaching or joining together. The boy tried fastening his button but was having trouble. 19. aphids Tinyinsects that suck juices from plants. A saw an aphid crawling on a leaf. 20. munching Eating loudly. The panda was munching a stick. 21. teamwork A group working together to accomplish a task. The kayaking team used great teamwork to win the race. 22. experts People who know a lot about certain things. The scientist an the research center was an expert on eating the right foods.