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Annie\'s Poetry Anthology

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Term 2 2008 Annie\'s Poetry Anthology

Text of Annie\'s Poetry Anthology

  • 1.
    • My Poetry
  • Anthology

2. What is Poetry?

  • Poetry is a river, poem after poem moves along in the exciting crests and falls of the the river waves.None is timeless; each arrives in an historical context, almost everything, in the end, passes.
  • Mary Oliver
  • (A Poetry Handbook)

3. What is Poetry?My Definition! My Definition!

  • Poetry is a type of writing to enjoy. It is a flowing way to express your feelings. It can be about anything you want it to be.
  • Poetry is unique and individual. And can be for all ages.
  • Annie

4. AcrosticThe wordacrosticis formed from the Greek wordacros(outermost) andstichos(line of poetry). The acrostic is a poem where the first letter of each line forms a word when you read them looking downward. http://www.readwritethink.org/materials/acrostic/ P anthers growl, O rioles sing,E agles soar,M onkeys swing.S ee? 5. My Acrostic #1

  • Fresh, cut flowers are eligant,
  • Lush, sweet clours brighten up the world,
  • Old flowers die away,
  • Wild bunches of many types,
  • Eating the goodness from the ground to live,
  • Romantic red rose are a sign of true love
  • Swaying outside in the swirls.

6. My Acrostic #2 Full of pure goodness of the body. Ripe, tasty bites to shallow. Underneath the fruit trees lies masses of fruit. Inside the perfect fruit lies delicious juice. Trees thriving with lush nutritious fruit. 7. Haiku

  • The 300-year old Haiku Poem has its own distinct discipline:-Each complete poem has only three lines, totalling 17 syllables. - the first line must be five syllables - the second line must be seven syllables - the third line must be five syllables When these rigid conditions are met, the result can be a very satisfying word picture.
  • Birds take wing on high,gliding over angry waves back to their safe nests.
  • http://members.shaw.ca/kcic1/haiku.html

8. My Haiku #1

  • Thick, Lush, Emerald Trees,
  • Swaying, Dancing in the wind,
  • Trying to reach the sky.

9. My Haiku #2

  • Graceful butterflies,
  • Dancing, elegantly out,
  • into their own world.

10. Collected Haiku #1

  • A Rainbow
  • Curving up, then down.
  • Meeting blue sky and green earth
  • Melding sun and rain.
  • Donna Brock

11. Collected Haiku #2

  • Haiku for Spring
  • Early in the morning we rise,
  • Brilliant sunshine floods our eyes.
  • Spring is here!
  • David Curtis

12. CinquainCinquain poems come in three formats: Cinquain Pattern #1 Line1: One word Line2: Two words Line 3: Three words Line 4: Four words Line 5: One word Cinquain Pattern #2 Line1: A noun Line2: Two adjectives Line 3: Three -ing words Line 4: A phrase Line 5: Another word for the noun 13. Cinquain Cinquain Pattern #3 Line1: Two syllables Line2: Four syllables Line 3: Six syllables Line 4: Eight syllables Line 5: Two syllables http://hrsbstaff.ednet.ns.ca/davidc/6c_files/Poem%20pics/cinquaindescrip.htm 14. My Cinquain #1

  • Dolphins
  • Sleek, Gentle,
  • Swimming, Diving, Eating,
  • Quick, Calm, beautiful creatures,
  • Sea Life

15. My Cinquain #2

  • Lambs
  • Frisky, gorgeous,
  • Running, Jumping, Skipping,
  • Tastes good with Mint Sauce
  • Baa

16. DiamanteA diamante is a seven line poem, shaped like a diamond. Line 1: one word (subject/noun that is contrasting to line 7)Line 2: two words (adjectives) that describe line 1Line 3: three words (action verbs) that relate to line 1Line 4: four words (nouns) first 2 words relate to line 1 last 2 words relate to line 7Line 5: three words (action verbs) that relate to line 7Line 6: two words (adjectives) that describe line 7Line 7: one word ( subject/noun that is contrasting to line 1) http://www.readwritethink.org/materials/diamante/ 17. Diamante Example square symmetrical, conventional shaping, measuring, balancing boxes, rooms, clocks, halos encircling, circumnavigating, enclosing round, continuous circle 18. My Diamante #1

  • Gardening
  • Planting, Weeding,
  • Shrubs, Weeds, Alive, Flourish,
  • Bulbs, Shovels, dirt, spade,
  • Germinate, Bloom,
  • Grow

19. My Diamante #2

  • Trees,
  • Strong, Sturdy,
  • Swaying, Growing, Climbing,
  • Substantial, Magnificent, Delicate, Elegant,
  • Blooming, Developing, Thriving,
  • Colourful,Exquisite
  • Flowers

20. Free Verse

  • Does not have to rhyme
  • Does not have to have a specific rhythm
  • Has no specific length
  • Makes use of figurative speech

21. Free Verse Tools

  • Metaphor suggests a similarity between two thingsThe road snakes around the mountain .
  • Simile highlights the comparison between two things using like, as, resembles, etc.
  • The stars in the night sky were like sparkling diamonds.
  • Personification giving human characteristics to things which are clearly not human
  • The outboard motor cleared its throat.
  • Alliteration repeating words with the same beginning sound Thomas tied two turnips to two tall trees.
  • Imagery using vivid, descriptive words to conjure up an image
  • The car sped. - The flashy, yellow, mustang streaked like a bullet along the highway.
  • Onomatopoeia using words that sound like what they mean
  • He slurped his soup .
  • Hyperbole using exaggeration to make a point
  • Make me a sundae a mile high .

22. My Free Verse #1

  • I take the tasty, tempting, thrilling ice-cream from the shop keepers hand.
  • It is huge. The scoops are so big it is like a pile of fat ladies.
  • Te chocolate sauce sickly is winded around the appetizing, rich ice-cream.
  • The sauce is dry and is clinging onto the ice-cream for dare life until it reaches my mouth.
  • The ice-cream is dressed with countless, radiant, radical sprinkles.
    • The ice-cream thensucked into incredibly,rapidly into my hungry mouth.
    • And then it i gone.

23. My Free Verse #2

  • Dying Padlock before heaven.
  • Theres something caught in me. Stuck.
  • Feelings wont come out. Its like a padlock in me without a key.
  • Emotions spills out all over the dark light. Theirs grief, gloominess and misery.
  • Tragic swirls around in circles.
  • All thoughts splash away. Memories thrown behind, some remain.
  • Autumn leaves fall down and scatter i try to walk the heart breaking experience off; but it stays. It feels as if family has been stolen. Until the key is found. The padlock unseals and my life is a new born chicken. I have found the way to to glory. It is pure, unlocked. I am in a different world.
  • I see my grandparents in this golden world. Heaven.

This poem is about my grandparents that have died. 24. Collected Free Verse #1

  • Don't Ever Bite Your Sister
  • Don't ever bite your sister.
  • Don't kick her in the shin.
  • Don't slap your sister silly
  • and don't sock her on the chin.
  • Don't tape a "Kick Me" poster
  • upon your sister's back.
  • Don't take your stinky socks off
  • and then put them in her pack.
  • Don't purchase plastic spiders
  • and place them on her head.
  • Don't leave your rubber rattlesnake
  • inside your sister's bed.
  • Don't do this to your sister
  • for, if you ever do,
  • I'm pretty sure she may do something
  • even worse to you.
  • --Kenn Nesbitt

25. Collected Free Verse #2

  • When I was One,
  • I had just begun.
  • When I was Two,
  • I was nearly new.
  • When I was Three
  • I was hardly me.
  • When I was Four,
  • I was not much more.
  • When I was Five, I was just alive.
  • But now I am Six, I'm as clever as clever,
  • So I think I'll be six now for ever and ever.

Now I am Six 26. Repeat Poster Poem

  • Select Subject
  • Statements beginning with same word
  • Design a shape
  • Cut out multiple shapes
  • One statement on each shape
  • Attach to poster in all directions

27. Friendship is being there Friendship is of the heart Friendship is a feast Friendship is trying to understand a mole Luke, Grade 6 Salamandastron, Brian Jacque 28. My Repeat Poster Poem #1

  • True friends are the family we choose.

True friendship is not words but meanings. True friendship lastsa life time. True friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget. 29. Character Poem First name ____________ Lives in ______ where s/he Hears ________________ Sees _________________ Touches ______________ Needs ________________ Fears _________________ Gives _________________ Wonders ______________ Dreams _______________ Believes ______________ Loves ________________ Is ____________________ Last name. 30. Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest, Ann McGovern

  • Robin
  • Lives in Sherwood Forest where he
  • Hears about the archery contest,
  • Sees the evil sheriff as an enemy,
  • Fears nothing,
  • Gives money to the poor,
  • Dreams about Maid Marian,
  • Loves the feel of a bow in his hands, and
  • Is happy to live in Sherwood Forest
  • Hood. - Joshua, Grade 8

31. My Character Poem #1

  • Annie
  • Lives in her house where she
  • Hears her family chatting
  • Sees her loyal friends having a delightful time
  • Touches her gorgeous rabbits Sweetie & Cuddles
  • Needs to practice netball shots more.
  • Fears Debbies creaking doors and annoying clock
  • Gives money to money to charity in need
  • Wonders what her career will be
  • Dreams of living in a peaceful world with no war
  • Believes that one day her sponsor child will be able to earn her own money and support her family
  • Loves her lamb Honey
  • Is a kind friendly friend
  • Gummer

32. Riddle Poem

  • Line 1:clue about subject
  • Line 2:adjective and noun
  • Line 3:two actions connected to subject
  • Line 4:phrase or statement
  • Line 5:answer

33. Haymeadow, Gary Paulsen Dumb fly-followed stubborn and stinky spread out like a gray carpet herd of sheep -Michael, Grade 8 34. My Riddle Poem #1

  • Does not bite
  • Helps with sight
  • Is good at night
  • Is bright
  • A light

35. Rapping

  • Keep the beat
  • Repetition
  • Rhyming

36. Rapunzels Rap Rapunzel was a girl with hair of gold Trapped in a tower in days of old She wasnt allowed outside to play And her golden hair grew longer each day Grew longer and longer and longer each day. The witch who locked her up was mean With a pointed nose and a face of green Mean mean meaner than the queen of mean. - Sonja Dunn 37. My Rap Poem #1

  • Snow white was a girl from a fairy-tale
  • She had a pretty face that was really pale
  • Her mother was queen; very mean,
  • Though she was the queen
  • She wazza a real has been
  • She would always say
  • every single day
  • Mirror, mirror o the wall whos the cutest of them all:
  • And the mirror replied
  • As the queen was eyed
  • You are indeed cute n beaut
  • but Snow White is Sweet n Neat
  • So the queen was cross
  • coz she wanna be the boss
  • So she tried to kill Snow White
  • by giving her a bite
  • ofcrunchy, crunchy, rosy, rosy apple
  • But dont worry
  • The queen was sorry
  • Coz Snow white was still the best

38. Animated Poem

  • Illustrate a poem
  • Scan
  • Animate using a software program
  • Incorporate into a presentation

39. Animated Three Blind Mice 40. Thanks for watching! 41. Diary of Poetry Readings! Total Points: Date: Title: Poet: Genre: The Principle is Missing Ken Nesbitt Funny The marvelous Homework and HouseworkMchine Ken Nesbitt Funny My Noisy Brother Bruce Lansky Funny Headless Town- Funny 42. My Selected Poet!

  • Ken Nesbit

43. About My Poet!

  • Who I Am
  • I am 46 years old and I was born on February 20, 1962 in Berkeley, California. I grew up in Fresno and San Diego, California.
  • Publications
  • Books
  • I have written the following books:
  • Revenge of the Lunch Ladi es(Meadowbrook Press, 2007)
  • Santa Got Stuck in the Chimn ey(with Linda Knaus, In Press, Meadowbrook Press, 2006)
  • When the Teacher Isn't Looking and Other Funny School Poe ms(Meadowbrook Press, 2005)
  • The Aliens Have Landed at Our Schoo l!(Meadowbrook Press, 2001)
  • Sailing Off to Sinagapore(Purple Room Publishing, 2001)
  • I've Seen My Kitchen Sink(Purple Room Publishing, 1999)
  • My Foot Fell Asleep(Purple Room Publishing, 1998)

44. Extra Poems that Ive Collected! 45. Total Point Summary

  • Write here your total points with a breakdown of how you think those points are made up.