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1. Animated Films 2. (Sub?)Genres Action (Kung Fu Panda) Romance (Disney Princess) Horror (Coraline) Adventure (Toy Story) Musical (Frozen) Science fiction (Wall- E) Comedy (Monsters Inc.) Drama (Pocahontas) Documentary (Of Stars and Men) Fantasy (The Polar Express) 3. Categorie s Anime -Japanese -Hand-painted scenes -Japanese culture -Comic book-based Ex) Spirited Away, Naruto Family -Musical, fun -Dual-sided humor -Some violence, horror Ex) The Nightmare Before Christmas, Up Children -Fun, fantastical -Exaggerated Ex) Disney Adult -Sophisticated story -Adult topics Ex) Akira Musical -Large musical numbers Ex)Disney Princess, The Lion King 4. Characteristics Unrealistic Message Exaggeration Sound-Voice actors, celebrities Character appeal 5. Common Themes Love (Beauty and the Beast) Family (Finding Nemo) Adventure (Peter Pan) Friendship (The Fox and the Hound) Environment (Wall-E) Good over evil (The Incredibles) Dreams come true (Dreams Come True) 6. Techniques Traditional: cel-animation (early Disney, anime) Stop-motion: real objects (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Chicken Run) Computer animation: 2D, 3D Flip book (Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie) 7. Japanese American Realistic looking characters, detail Long scenes with minimal movement Dramatic angles, zooms For all ages, not humorous 2D Highly exaggerated, less detail Original motion Straight-on camera shots Mostly for children, comical 2D, 3D 8. Influences American animation Anime Physical appearance of characters Roots Anime American animation Exaggerated visual style TV shows (Teen Titans, Avatar: the Last Airbender) Collaborations (The Animatrix, Transformers: Animated) 9. The Animatrix (2003) The Matrix (1999) / Ghost in the Shell (1995) Collaboration of The Wachowskis and Japanese directors The Matrix was inspired by Ghost in the Shell