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in the framework of the Comenius Multilateral Partnership ProjectEurope in a museumGargd Minijos progimnazijaLithuania2015PALANGA AMBER MUSEUM

Small but lovely is my native country,

Like a bead of amber glowing bright.

Her old melodies arouse my wonder

And her patterned weave is my delight.

For a keepsake take this bead of amber

Cast by waves upon the baltic strand.

Lithuanias name in all its splendour

Like the sun will sparkle in your hand.

Lithuanian poetess Salomja Nris,1940

Found in many parts of the world, amber is nowhere else so deeply rooted into everyday life, folklore and art as in Lithuania .

One of the finestlegends, a poetic love story about the sea goddess Jurate and a fisherman Kastytis originates in the land of the Baltic tribes. This is an attempt by our ancestors to explain the origin of amber. According to the legend amber pieces are Jurates tears and fragments of goddess Jurates underwater castle struck by Perkunas, the Thunder god, that still washes up on the beaches nearby Palanga.

The Palanga amber museum was established on August 3, 1963.

It is housed on the estate of Count Feliksas Tiskevicius (1865-1932). The estate, designed by German architect Franc Schwechten (1841-1924), was built in 1897.

The Palanga Botanical Gardens, designed by the landscape architect Eduard Francois Andre (1840-1911), surround the Estate.

The first floor is dedicated to displays that illustrate the formation and composition of amber

Amber in the area arose about 40 to 45 million years ago.The processes via whichresinis changed into amber by microorganisms,oxidation,andpolymerization are illustrated.Climate warming stimulated the resin leak of amber trees Pinus succinifera.Composition of amber: 80% of carbon, 10% of oxygen, 10% of hydrogen.

Nowadays the Palanga amber museums exposition takes up 15 rooms. About 4,500 exhibit pieces are found here.Visitors are acquainted with the formation, processing, practical application, and morphological variations of amber.The museum is thematically divided into the scientific and cultural/artistic aspects of amber.

The visitors can see one of the largestamber piecesin Europe, theAmberSun orSun Stone. Its Europes third largest amber specimen of size 210x190x150 mm and weighing 3,526 grams.

Baltic amber weight ranges from 10,5 to 1,096 grams.

The Palanga amber museum has the collection of 15000 inclusions.Inclusions are amber piece with trapped insects or plants (centipedes, arachnida, ephemera, termites ants,parts of the trees, leaves and pine needles). They are being used as a study material for the investigation of the history of amber and million-year-old flora and fauna.

Cultural and artistic exhibits Exhibits include:

a 15th-century ring, a 16th-century cross, amber jewelry from the past four centuries, a number ofrosaries, cigarette holders, decorative boxes, round beads, various brooches

Selections of modern amber work are a part of the collection.The collection includes pieces by the Lithuanian artists Horstas Taleikis, Dionyzas Varkalis and Jonas Urbonas.

Amber gem stone is not strictly speaking a stone at all, but beautiful jewelry made from it resembles gemstones, so it is sold as a gem stone.

Amber was used in many spheres of human activity, mainly in medicine

Amber is a powerful healerPowder of amber mixed with honey cures throat, ear and eye disease. It also treats stomach if taken with water. People still burn pieces of amber in rooms where patients stay. In this way the air is disinfected, possibility of infection to others is reduced as well as recovery of the patient is accelerated. People believe that amber balances the emotions, clears the mind, releases negative energy, eases stress by clearing fobias.Amber is a lovely warm stone to wear since it absorbs pain and negative energy. Amber clears depression, stimulates the intellect and promotes self-confidence and creative self-expression. Amber encourages decision-making, spontaneity and brings wisdom, balance and patience.

If you want, you can try amber therapeutic yourself:

If you have a headache, massage temples with a small piece of amber rather than taking pills.

If you put amber under your mattress, you will slep well.

If the eyes are tired, keep a look at the amber. It also serves as a good meditation making thinking easier.

If you feel constant tiredness, hold a piece of amber in your hand. It helps to restore strength.

If you have a sore throat, you need to put amber on the place were you have pain and wrap up the neck with a handkerchief.

If you do not trust yourself, wear amber jewellery. Amber dispels doubts, suspicions, promotes mental and spiritual activities.

If your gums are bleeding, you need to put amber powder on toothpaste.

Your hair strengthen and grow faster if you use amber powder when washing your hair.

These days Palanga amber museum is becoming famous for its cultural events.

Visitors enjoy the Night Serenade concerts in summer on the terrace of the estate also meetings with artists in the Fireplace Hall.

Dont miss the chance to visit Palanga in summer!