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All US Pupils Below Age 10 Fourth Grade Pass SAT College Ready in Global Elites Network Xpeed Learning Academy

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  1. 1. Xpeed Learning Academy Global Elites Network - Maverick BianManaging Director, Chief Architect [email protected]
  2. 2. Global Elites Network Global Elites NetworkRepresents a Collection ofGrads from Top 10 Colleges inEach Country of the World - IvyLeague GeN All Teachers of Xpeed LearningAcademy are Ivy League Grads All Tutors are either Ivy LeagueGrads or Current Students All GeN Members are Top 5%Academic Achievers among theGeneral Public Globally
  3. 3. Xpeed Learning Overwhelming A xClass Session in xAcademy = 3 Hours, Session Training Dose:>35,000 WORD-TIMEs either Read or Hear or Speak or Write =3,500 Most Used English Words x10 Times in 3 Hours Weekend Program in-xClass Training Dose: One 3hrs Session, >40Weekends a Year Excluding Holidays = 3,500 Most Used EnglishWords x400 Times a Year in xClass in ~120 Hours Weekend Program Double in-xClass Training Dose: Two 3hrsSessions on Saturdays and/or Sundays, 40 Weekends a Year =3,500 Most Used English Words x800 Times in ~240 Hours,Pushing to Unlimited Subconscious Mind at 300x Faster a In 3 hoursResponse Rate Than Old Schools 3,500 Most After-xClass, Normal Template-Learning Tempo at 160 Words PerMinute (WPM), Mimic/Sing/Speak Aloud =Read+Listen+Speak/Sing Usedin Sync, ~30,000 WORD-TIMEs (WT) Per Hour. xPupils PracticingEnglish1hr/Day, = ~200,000 WTs/Week x 40 Weeks/Year = 8 Million WORD-TIMEs a Year; if 3hrs/Day, 24 Million WORD-TIMEs a Year = 10,000 Words x10English Words x 2,400 Times in ~800 Hours, Which Explains WhyXpeed xCase-Template-Learning Power has been so Overwhelming Times
  4. 4. Power of Xpeed Learning A 3hr xClass Session Introduces 10~15 xMiniCases,~1,000 xCases on a Yearly Basis only on Weekends ifPupils Take 2 xClass Sessions a Weekend, Read 1000xCase Books of 500 Words on Average a Year x10~30Times Each Book 1000x500 = 0.5 Million Words a LearningMaterial x20 Times for First Graders at Age 6 = 10 MillionWORD-TIMEs a Year, Prodigy =10,000 English Wordsx1,000 Times, also Pushing to Unlimited SubconsciousMind As xPupils Read Faster and Faster, Xpeed Academy will In 1 YearPush Template-Learning Speed up to 300% Faster ThanNormal. Each Year the above Xpeed Reading Dose WeekendDoubles, Passing SAT College-Ready below Age 10 or xClass 3,500Fourth Grade, Learning 10x More in their Lifetime Most Used All Xpeed Academy Grads Brain can Process VerbalEnglish WordsLanguage Reading 2x Faster Than College Grads, 5xFaster Than Peers of the Same Age Group, 3x Faster-x1000 TimesBrained Child Prodigy!
  5. 5. What Makes Xpeed Learning AcademyOutstanding? - xQuality Learning Control After K-4 Training in Global Elites Network Xpeed LearningAcademy until Age 10, All xPupils Must Pass the xQLC Test withinan SAT Vocabulary of 40,000 Words as Follows: Pass the Base xSpeed of Reading Words + Listening + Speaking inSync Simultaneously at 400 Words Per Minute (WPM) Silent Reading Speed >500 WPM; Reading 1,000 mini-xCases/Year Keyboard Typing Speed >120 WPM; Hand-Writing Speed >60 WPM Finish the SAT I Test in Half Time with 2200+ a Score at the Current Parents have toSAT Testing Difculty Level Test Kids Every Piano Notes Reading Speed >400 Notes Per Minute for All Majors Week to See ifand Minors Their Speeds Without Required xTraining Dose in xAcademy, Its Almost have Met theImpossible to Pass the Above xQLC Standards Twice as Fast asTodays Average Speeds of US College Grads xQLC Standards.
  6. 6. How Competitive Ivy League8 Ivy League Colleges Average SAT Scores 25% - Legacy: Alumni Family or of Specialty or Donor75% - Top Academic Achievers, Must Be Top 1% in USA
  7. 7. Can Pupils Pass SAT? Every Year, US has an Average 3.88 MillionKids on Each Age Group, yet, only ~1.6Million Take SAT/ACT Each Year, 57% ofWhich have Failed the SAT test, per CollegeBoard Stats More and More 10-Year-Old Fourth-GradeKids Especially Asians in Our CommunityHave Passed SAT with Flying Colors, Peran Online Source Xpeed Learning Academy can Make All U.S.Kids Pass SAT College-Ready < Age 10 or4th Grade, so that All US Kids would HaveEnough Time to Play Music, Sports, Dateswith Friends While Living a far Happier Life
  8. 8. Whos Fastest Learner? Age 6-10 Kids Learn Verbal 2~3x Faster with >2x Times More Neuron Connections Than Adults Adults Neuron Pathways have been Rebuilt and Rerouted as a Much-Faster Info Expressway Toddlers Learn to Listen andSpeech Even Faster Starting from Teenagers,Neuron Connections havebeen Pruning down andDying out, Making NewLearning Slower and Slower
  9. 9. How to Develop Right Brain? Striking aBalanced Left+Right BrainDevelopmentMakes KidsLive Both aHappy &Successful Life Left: Math, Logic, Science, Language... Right: Music, Pic, Movie, Story, Game, App... Xpeed Academy Uses Pupils Fast Parallel Right-Brain to Help Slow Serial Left-Brain to Learn Verbal 10x Faster, Deeper and More! Not Lectures! Some Asian Parents like Tiger Mother Shutting Down All TV Shows, Movies and Internet, iPad Apps and Stories to Their Cubs has in fact Prevented Their Kids Right Brain from Developing as Balanced as Their Left Brain
  10. 10. Traditional School PassiveTeachers Lectures < 5% Xpeed Learning Academy ActiveStudents Practice >80%, 18x Higher
  11. 11. Why Xpeed Academy? Listen w/ Focus = 2x ReadSilently Pure Words by Eye Only Speak = 7x Read Read + Listen + Speak in Sync= 10x Read = 5x Listen Kids Read-Aloud byThemselves = 5x Listen toParents Reading Books Aloud Xpeed Learning Academy LetsStudents Practice in Class 80%of Time with Read + Listen +Speak in Sync, Learning 10xFaster, Deeper and More
  12. 12. Xpeed All Case Teaching Xpeed Mini-Cases are Attractive and thusGrab Kids Attention while Fostering PupilsEngagement to a far more Heightened Level Xpeed Academy Merges Verbal LanguageLearning with Science, Art, History, Math,Geography and More on a Far Higher Level Cases not beyond Pupils Working Memory socan be Repeat-Practiced Many Times Pupils can Group Pressure and Team Challenge+Teaching are Major Driving Forces to PushLearn in Xpeedand Pull Students to Ivy League ExcellenceAcademy like a Xpeed Learning Academy Students Practice80% of Time in Class, Leading to a far Deeper Harvard MBAMemory Impression Than Lectures Only
  13. 13. xCases = Learning Container In Harvard MBA Program, Different TeachersUse the Same Case Pitcher to Teach Their OwnLearning Subject: Finance, Operations,Accounting, Strategy, Marketing, M&A... All Classes of Xpeed Learning Academy UsexCases to Learn Verbal Language Words,Extending Words 10x Faster Than Old Fashion xAcademy Class Uses Cases to Expose AllStudents to All Sorts of Learning Subjects onDifferent Levels: US History, Geography,Science, Math... Even College and MBA Level xPupils can learn xCases as Container to Help All Students BelowAge 10 to Pass SAT I General, so in the xPitcher,1000 xCases aall Class Contents are SAT-Preparation Oriented Year, 1 Million xClass Uses Music, Movie, Story, Game,Words x20 TimesApp...Motion Words, Worlds Best LearningTechnology to Teach Pupils 10x Faster
  14. 14. Xpeed Killer Training Doseby WORD-TIME to Prodigy Students Read, Listen, Speak or Write a WordOnce as 1 WORD-TIME Students A 3hr Xpeed Learnig Academy Class can Practice inReach >35,000 WORD-TIMEs = 3,500 MostUsed Words x 10 times for kids at Age 6~10Class Every Day 3hr, Yearly ~10 Million WORD-TIMEs= 10,000 Words x 1,000 Times each toSubconscious Mind, 4 Years SAT Overly Ready By Age 10 Read Twice as Fast as AverageCollege Grads, Yearly Reach 100 Million ifLearning 6hr a Day, 100x Times More?!
  15. 15. Xpeed All Boil Down Reading Verbal Language Reading Capability is theCornerstone of all Learning Subjects Child Prodigy: Kids Brain can Process Far Faster andMuch More than all Others of Same Age by Denition Xpeed Learning Academy Requires All First Graders toRead 1000 Books of 500 Words a Year x10~30 TimesEach Book 1000x500=0.5 Million Words a LearningMaterial x20 = 10 Million WORD-TIMEs a Year, Prodigy As Pupils Grow by Reading Faster and Faster, EachYear the above Xpeed Reading Dose Doubles, PassingSAT College-Ready below Age 10 or Fourth Grade,Learning 10x More in their Lifetime All Xpeed Academy Grads Brain can Process VerbalLanguage Reading 2x Faster Than College Grads, 5xFaster Than Others in the Same Age Group, Prodigy!
  16. 16. Why Xpeed Academy? No Attention, No Learning Output and thus NoLong-Term Memory Young Pupils cant Read and Write, so noCapability of Taking Notes. They only Have Short-Term Working Memory of a few Hundred Words Traditional Schools Vicious Learning Cycle:Teachers Keep Lecturing and Pupils KeepForgetting, Achieving Less Than 5% a RetentionRate 2 Weeks Later in Long-Term Memory Xpeed Learning Academy Lets All StudentsActively Practice Back Before Memory hasDecayed to 90% Schools have been around forThousands of Years is Because Parents Misconception: "Ive Bought Many Books They can Guarantee that Allor Learning Technology iPad App-Books at Home Students Pass a Certain My Kids can Learn as well at Home as intest, Unfortunately Most SchoolsSchools, and Schools not Necessary any more..." Fail This Grand Mission in U.S.
  17. 17. The Forgetting Curve Any Subject Learnt Now, 20Minutes Later, Brain Memoryhas Decayed to 58%, YearsLater, ZERO?Xp de A Traditional Schools Teachers ca ee myLargely only Lecture Onced Lectures are not Well-Structured and Mostly Boring,Grabbing Little Attention Lectures Accumulate,Surpassing Pupils Short-TermWorking Memory, so has beenCrowded Out Minutes Later Xpeed Academy All Case- Oth stTeaching Follows All NaturalMoLearning Lawsers
  18. 18. How Brain Memorizes? Encoding Learning in Limited Short-Term Working Memory intoUnlimited Long-Term Storage Needs Many Times of Rehearsalsor Reviews, Otherwise will be Dumped in Minutes
  19. 19. xAcademy Class Lucky 7 In all Classro