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<ul><li> 1. All About Me By: Marisol Mejia </li></ul> <p> 2. My Childhood I am Marisol Mejia. I am 11 years old. I was born in Brownsville, TX. My birth date is March 26, 1999. 3. My Family My moms name is Amalia Mejia. My dads name is Gonzalo Mejia. My brothers name is Gonzalo Mejia Jr. My two sisters name is Brissa A. Mejia and Ailene Garcia. 4. My Favorite Foods My favorite food is the Fettuccini pasta from school.My favorite fast food is McDonalds. My favorite Chicken Restaurant is Chick- Fil-a. 5. My Best FriendsStephanie Rivera Jacqueline Carrizales Kassandra Zuniga 6. My Favorite Songs Into the Ocean I like it Hate Me Save Me 7. My Favorite Movies Dare Devil Twilight New Moon Eclipse 17 Again 8. My Favorite Singers Wisin y Yandel Enrique Iglesias Daddy Yankee K3$ha Katy Perry 9. My Favorite Sports Soccer Basketball Bowling Baseball 10. My Favorite Colors Pink Purple Black Red 11. My Favorite Subjects Mathematics Social Studies Art Technology 12. Things I Do 4 Fun Play soccerWatch television Make sleepovers Talk on the phone 13. My Favorite Books Where The Wild Things Are Junie B. Jones Twilight 14. Pets I Have CatsKittens 15. My Favorite Game Characters Peach Shadow Amy SonicTails 16. My Favorite ActorsJim Carrey John Travolta Robert Patterson </p>