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Algae Based Biofuels

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Making Algae to Biodiesel

Text of Algae Based Biofuels

  • 1. 70CentsaGallon.comMBE/SDVE
    John Manzanet VP of Operations
    Victor Garlington Director of Client Services

2. Algae Based Biofuels
Who we are
Where we are going
Goals and objectives
3. Who we are
Bio Diesel Manufacturing Equipment
Algae Production Systems
Feed stocks
Force for Earth Fuel and Engine Conditioner
Project Managers
4. What were doing
Be premier solution provider of Bio Diesel and Algae Processing Equipment in Florida
5. Projects
Fuel to Farms Initiatives
USDA/FL Bio Fuels Association Utilizing Farm land for Algae to Bio Diesel Production in FL
Algae to Jet Fuel DARPA
6. Force for EarthFuel and Engine Conditioner
Clean Green
7. Algae Based Biofuels
Clean Green
8. Algae Biofuel Begining
Algae was responsible for creating the Earth's oxygen atmosphere three billion years ago and it took around two billion years to form the modern atmosphere with 20 percent oxygen. Without algae some argue thatwe would not be here.
9. Industry Direction

  • The Oil companies are beginning to explore Alternative Energy Sources.

This is a field that has seen tremendous increase in activity.To date, the O&G companies are staying abreast of developments in this field through investment in small pilot research programs and monetary support of research efforts in educational institutions. Their concentration has been in the area of Wind and Photovoltaic energy production

  • In the Area of Renewable Fuels, Ethanol is viewed by the Oil companies as an annoyance

10. While the Biodiesel is not of true interest to the Oil Companies as a fuel, it does have a place in the Oil and Gas Company Value Chain (as will be addressed later)

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