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Alexander the great and the persian empire

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Text of Alexander the great and the persian empire

Alexander The Great And The Persian Empire

Alexander The Great And The Persian EmpireSofa manZO pea Diego Hermosillo Palomo2F

Time line550 BC - Cyrus the Great founds the Persian Empire and the same year came to power

530 BC Cyrus was killed in a battle. Daruis takes the throne.

486 BC Daruis died 431 BC The Polinnesian War began334-323 BC Alexander the Great builds his empire

Geographic Location

Through the Persian Empire history, 5 cities were the royal capital, which where:1- Pasargadae.2- Babylon.3- Susa.4- Ecbatana5- Persepolis

RELIGION They first were Politeist. They believed in many gods.The Persians worshiped the nature and the stars. When the years passed the religion started to change, and it passed to know as the religion of Zoroaster, that religion was monotheism and the God was Ahura-Mazda. He did not like the sacrifices and demanded the practice of virtues like knowledge,honesty etc. The first gods were Ahrimna, god of the darkness, Anahita goddess of the water, Asmoug he was like a demon he make problems between families neighbors wars between towns.

GOVERNMENTIt was a Monarchy.The King had the final say in how things were supposed to happen. The Persians governments were characterized by military despotism; the emperor's authority was absolute, was championed and sustained by the Immortals (they were the soldiers)

Social structure The King: he was at the top of everything. He controls everythingNobles and some important militaries and priests: They had important place in the society Governor: He controlled its own army.Peasants, Artisans and Merchants: They gave the financial support to society.Slaves: they worked for the king



LIFESTYLE They spoke Persian wich is like the Arabic, and it is still spoken.They had the idea of using coins, the King decide to use the gold coins ( Contribution to the world).Persian families were large, poor children worked with their parents, noble children were raised by mother until the age of 5.Boys were tained to ride horses and to use the bow, the Girls were trained to run households and raise children .Rich women spent most of their time at home.Persians wore pendants,tiny pins, precious stones etc.Men could have men lovers, but also a wife, and it was normal.

Important CharactersCyrus The Great: He started paying slaves, making them not slaves anymore, made them free. (559-529 BC) Philip II: He became king of Macedonia in 359 BC, he protected Macedonia from attacks, but after that, conquered Greece. Was killed by Darius 2nd, while celebrating his daughters wedding. Alexander The Great: Son of Philip II. Conquered Egypt, the Persians and the south west of Asia

Important EventsIn 359 BC, Philip II became Macedonias king. The first year was spent defending Macedonia from attackers, but after that, he conquered Greece.In 336 BC, Philip II is killed during the celebration of his daughters wedding. During336 BC, Alexander, ( Philip II son) became the king.In 334, Alexander The Great defeated Darius III in the battles of Granicus, Issus, and Gaugamela, conquering the Persian Empire.Alexander died between the evening of June 10 and the evening of June 11, 323 BC, because of a mosquito which gave him malaria.

Contributions to the worldCountries with Persian names: Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, etc.The first scientist who claimed that Earth was round, were the Muslims scholars of Persia.The first Human Rights were introduced by Cyrus The great.The first money system (Coins)Polo (sport)

ReflectionWe think that the Persian civilization was one of the most important ones because it gives many contributions to the world and history to that region. Alexander the great shows a big determination because he was one of the kings with most territories, and conquered the Persian Empire at a young age.We can learn from them to innovate things that can help us get the things we want.If The characters hadnt done the things they did, we would probably be doing different things, or maybe we wouldnt have the technology we have.

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