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  • 1. The Underground Your Alternative Christian Voice Album review: 'Thrive' by Casting Crowns Casting Crowns has nailed the art of merging worship music with theologically profound scriptures in the form of lyrics. Thats probably the reason that Christians, young and old, enjoy the bands music so much. "Thrive," the bands latest has everything. It has Jesus-focused lyrics, stories about brokenness and beauty, as well as truths about the kind of love Christians should display.It is massive and intimate; energetic and soulful; provocative and comprehensible. Mark Hall and his compadres have effortlessly lived up to the standard of their last platinum- selling record, Come to the Well. Title-track, Thrive, has a Southern folk flow in its instrumentation and pattern. This song says a lot about the direction of the record. Its kind of like the albums synopsis. The most outstanding thing about it, however, is its encouraging message. On the song, Casting Crowns urges listeners to align themselves with Gods will and purpose, so that they can thrive. The albums first single All Youve Ever Wanted is one of those songs that entrances-- from the piano welcome to Halls unmistakably raw voice. The progression of the song, which is about Gods desire for us, is mellow, yet powerful Broken Together is a tender ballad that will give married people going through a tough time teary eyes. The emotion enveloping Broken Together is overwhelming. In the song, Casting Crowns tells listeners some simple truths that a lot of marriages can use: Maybe you and I were never meant to be complete/Could we just be broken together/ If you can bring your 1 / 3

2. The Underground Your Alternative Christian Voice shattered dreams and Ill bring mine/ Could healing still be spoken, and save us/ The only way we'll last forever is broken together. With aggressive strings and drums, Casting Crowns declines and refuses to conform to the pattern of pointing fingers and hating on sinners/unbelievers on Love you with the Truth. Instead, the band shows people how to approach unbelievers and sinners by showing them the truth by love. Im going to love you with the truth Hall sings. If God wrote a love song for King David or Jesus mother Mary it would be Dream for You, as the song is more like a vocal-over of God recounting the lives and dreams of David, Mary and every believer. It is an unpredictable song, and the Southern vibe isnt half bad. This is Now sees Hall recounting the experiences of another Biblical character, Peter. The song, co-written by Matthew West, portrays Peters weaknesses, doubts and fearsthings to which all Christians can relate. Follow Me follows a pattern similar to Dream for You." The difference is that Megan Garrett takes the lead vocals this time. The song calls people to believe and follow Jesus. The recitation of Scriptural passages is all over this song, which I absolutely love. The last two songs on the album, House of our Dreams and Waiting on the Night to Fall are the icing on this musical cake. The journey of a familys restoration is portrayed in the attention- gripping House of our Dreams, While Hall reminds listeners that they need to be vigilant because the devil is a predator waiting to attack. It is very evident that this isnt just an album engineered to entertain, but an album that was meant to draw people to God and His amazing word. I commend "Thrive" for its authenticity and originality; thealbums lyrics are not borrowed and the melodies are at a place where one can see that the band didnt make the mistake of trying too hard to be catchy or infectious. Christians, worship leaders and unbelievers who are looking for a theological based album will find it in "Thrive." My Picks Follow Me Broken Together House Of Our Dream Waiting On The Night To Fall You Are The Only One All Youve Ever Wanted 2 / 3 3. The Underground Your Alternative Christian Voice Powered by TCPDF ( 3 / 3