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  1. 1. How to Get Game: Conducting Gaming Events in an Academic Library H. David Giz WomackZ. Smith Reynolds Library Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina What is Get Game@ZSR? Get Game@ZSR is a series of video game events that began on a balmy Friday evening in mid-September 2005, when the normally quiet atrium of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library of Wake Forest University was filled with the sounds of Madden and Halo2, as nearly fifty gamers descended on the library.Most recently, in February 2006, the Library sponsored a Halo2 tournament in one of the large reading rooms. This event resulted in our first Get Game@ZSR champion, whose name has been engraved on our championship perpetual plaque on display in the Library. The idea to close the library on Friday night and invite gamers to play their favorite video and computer games developed as the Librarys Marketing Committee was seeking ideas to reach out to students who did not ordinarily find the library until much later in the semester.Why Have Gaming Events in an Academic Library? What better way to reach out to college students than to provide a venue for their favorite pastime? As children, these students played games on the Sony Playstation and Super Nintendo. Now, as college students, they will be playing games on the Xbox 360 and PS3 in their spare time.Giving students a place to pursue these interests generates goodwill for the Library.
    • How We Did It
    • Formats Planning
    • -Open game night for all gaming formats. -Setup for each event began two hours before the event.
    • -Tournament for Xbox Halo2. -Planning including testing game systems with projectors.
    • -Students registered in advance for both types of events.
    • -Student brought their own games, controllers and consoles. Marketing
      • - Marketed via E-mail, paper fliers, and web announcements.
    • Days and Times Costs
    • -Open game night on a Friday in September, 7pm-11pm. - Open Game Night $425.
    • -Tournamenton a Friday in February, 3pm-6pm. -Tournament $172.
    Resources Staff for the events include the Library Information Technology Team Staff (6) and Resident Technology Advisors (RTAs) (8). Equipment required includes LCD Projectors (slated for disposal and rescued for the event), screens, and network hubs to connect Xboxes. Pizza, sodas, water and candy keep everyone happy!Long extension cordsand surge suppressors are a must! Provide painters tape and markers to tag ALL the equipment the players bring to the events. Stock various video connectors for the projectorsand game systems. Know where all the circuit breaker panels are located! Tournaments need a trophy for the winner and a plaque for the Library. Transforming the Library The atrium of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library before and during the first Get Game@ZSR event in September of 2005. The Rhoda Channing Reading Room before and during the February 2006 Halo2 tournament.