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Affordances of CMC tools. e-tools for effective international computer- mediated communication. T.MacKinnon.

Affordances of cmc tools

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presented at #cwil day one Coventry University.

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  • 1. Affordances of CMC tools. e-tools for effective international computer-mediated communication. T.MacKinnon.

2. Communication devices 3. For communication to be successful, the receiver must understand the message that sender intended to send, and both the sender and receiver must agree that the receiver has understood the message Clark, H.H. and Wilkes Gibbs, D. "Referring as a Collaborative Process," Cognition, 22, 1986, 1-39. 4. We believe that the key to effective use of media is to match media capabilities to the fundamental communication processes required to perform the task. Because most tasks require individuals to both convey information and converge on shared meanings, and media that excel at information conveyance are often not those that excel at convergence. Thus choosing one single medium for any task may prove less effective than choosing a medium or set of media which the group uses at different times in performing the task, depending on the current communication process (convey or converge). Media switching may be most appropriate. From: Denis, A and Valacich, J. Rethinking Media Richness. Proceedings of the 32nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences - 1999 5. From: Learning and collaboration at a distance By Mark Childs. 6. Important factors Negotiation of meaning Immediacy Appropriateness Relative advantage Social presence Trust Social presence is the ability of participants to identify with the community (e.g., course of study), communicate purposefully in a trusting environment, and develop inter-personal relationships by way of projecting their individual personalities. (Garrison, 2009) 7. Kearney et al, Research in Learning Technology Vol 20, 2012 http://www.researchinlearningtechnology.net/index.php/rlt/articl e/view/14406/html