Adventure holidays

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<ul><li>1.ADVENTURE HOLIDAYS</li></ul> <p>2. Glossaryskydiving sailing boat submarine net scenery , fortnight enthusiastically , hesitation , tent troublesome , backpack to overcome (overcame; overcome) obstacle spirit courage to attract to meditate 3. By now holidays are round the corner.What kind of holiday do you prefer?Exciting and adventurous holidays orpeaceful and relaxing holidays?Heres a test to find out which one isthe ideal vacation for you. 4. 1. Which means of transport do youprefer?a planea cara train 5. 2. Where would you like to spend yourholidays?in Central Africaat the seasidein the country 6. 3. When you go away on holiday, doyou:forget about everything?send a few postcards to you relativesor close friends?wake up most mornings worryingabout whats going on at home? 7. 4. What do you think of skydiving?I think it would be really exciting.Id do it if I had proper training.Its a crazy idea. 8. 5. Would you like to set sail on:a big sailing boat?a submarine?a fast liner? 9. 6. Which would you rather do:looking for sharks in the ocean?fishing at night with a net?sailing on a boat? 10. 7. What do you like best about mountains.the possibility of doingmountain climbingthe scenerysilence 11. 8. When you go to the seaside, do you prefer to:go swimming among thereefs?lie in the sun?read a nice book? 12. 9. If someone invited you to spend afortnight on a desert island, would you:agree enthusiastically?accept the invitation withhesitation?refuse the invitation? 13. 10. When you watch an Indiana Jonesfilm, do you: want to be in his place? watch it because it is interesting? get bored? 14. 11. Do you think that taking along atent on a holiday is:exciting?nice only in an organizedcamping trip?troublesome? 15. 12.Which of the following wordsreminds you of holidays?freedomenjoymentgoing for a walk 16. You score:3 points if you tick a,2 points if you tick b,1 point if you tick . 17. Above 42 points AdventurousIf you could, you would always have a backpack,ready to leave for an adventurous journey. Holidays, for you, mean looking for adventurewithout organizing or planning before. You are enthusiastic and curious.Youd rather go to an unknown, undiscoveredplace than go back to a place you know well. Its your curiosity that helps you to overcomeevery obstacle. 18. From 25 to 42 points ImaginativeYou have a good dose of adventurous spirit and agood deal of courage, but you dont like to get intotrouble.You are quite enthusiastic about inventinghundreds of adventurous ideas. You should leave your school books and worriesbehind and use your imaginative quality to makenew friends and to enjoy yourself. 19. Less than 25 points PeacefulYou are a calm type.For you, an ideal holiday is sitting under a beachumbrella or relaxing under a tree in the silence ofthe countryside.Adventure activities dont attract you.You like to meditate for some time before actinglogically.Holidays, for you, should be a way to do sports andexercises and to meet new people. </p>


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