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  • 1. 1 st Moment of Truth
  • 2. When the employer comes intocontact with any aspect of the jobseeker, however remote, and therebyhas an opportunity to form animpression.
  • 3. What type ofresponse are you getting
  • 4. You Lost Me at Hello
  • 5. People dont wantor needto know everything about you.
  • 6. If your correspondence focuses onanything besides the problem at hand,you run the risk of the prospect losing interest.
  • 7. Anything else just wastes their time and yours
  • 8. All they want to know is how you can help them solve a problem they might be facing.
  • 9. Opportunity is like a cup of tea, haveit while its warm
  • 10. Action vs. Activity
  • 11. ACTIONis purpose-driven and strategic. It isbased on knowing where you wantto go and acting in way that gets youthere
  • 12. ACTIVITYaction without strategy
  • 13. My advice for anyone trying to succeed is, make the highest-end product you can, and then target the tiny handful of people- the microaudience- who are likely to buy it.
  • 14. Forget the masses. Targeting the latter is too much like trying to win the lottery- though great when it happens (however unlikely), there are just too many damn variables outside your control.
  • 15. 4:40
  • 16. HIRING Research Engage HiringPROCESS DecisionJob Seeker Enter Build relationship; Get hired consideration set Persuade to hireEmployer Collect Info Assess Options; Hire a candidate Get more info
  • 17. Zero Moment of TruthThe moment you check online for reviews or additionalinformation before you make a decision about a product orservice.The ZMOT occurs when a person checks a movies reviewsbefore buying tickets, or compares hotel reviews before finallymaking a decision about that romantic getaway.
  • 18. Start focusing on the whonot the how
  • 19. 21 Questions for your next networking meetingHow did you break into the industry?If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?What do you enjoy most about your job?What do you enjoy least?What is the culture like?Do people tend to switch from job to job within the industry or stay at one company?Are there any industry conventions that you suggest I attend?Are there any industry publications/websites that are must reads for you?Can someone who is willing to put in extra hours but leave early for a holiday fit in to the company culture?Given the current developments in the industry (insert well developed, insightful research here!), where do you see thebusiness going?Where do you think my skills would best fit in the industry?What are some tips you can give me for breaking into the industry?How important is it that I get a masters degree?What is valued more in the industry, education or experience?Are there any additional short term trainings/certificate programs that would give me a better leg up in entering the industry?What would be a reasonable salary expectation for someone looking to enter into the field, given my background?Should I concentrate on working in a smaller firm or a transferable industry first or look to start at the bottom of a largercompany in the industry?What are some suggestions you would have for applying for a job in the industry?Are most hires through networking or should I go through the company websites?When one is building a professional relationship, at what point do you feel it would be appropriate to inquire if the person wouldbe comfortable submitting a resume on my behalf?Is there anything I can do to help you?Remember to respect the persons time. After half an hour, get a sense if they are fully engaged in the conversation or seemready to get back to the office. There is no need to get every question in, just use the list above as a guide for greater success.
  • 20. In short, there is no relationship if you dont stay in touch.
  • 21. Noah didnt wait for his ship to come in He built one
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