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A Walk To Remember: presentation by ZAINAB KHAN Registration No. (4405) To the teacher: Nida Nazar.

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A Walk To Remember:presentation by ZAINAB KHAN Registration No. (4405)To the teacher: Nida Nazar.

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The Character In the Novel. Main Characters Landon Carter: Son of a rich congressman who lives with his mother, and he is simply a boy who do such kind of things that other parents whisper to their children“you don't want to be like that Carter’s boy. He’s on the fast track to prison”. Jamie Sullivan: Daughter of Hegbert Sullivan, type of a girl who loves to read Bible, keep it with her all the time, simply to help others, work for the orphans and to work for them in need, and such type of a person who remains happy and cheerful what ever happens. And say “ everything that happens is in the God’s plan” As Eric calls her a “SALVATION LADY” Hegbert Sullivan:He is Jamie’s father and he is a Minister in one of the Church in beaufort. As Landon says about him “ he was a kind of a guy, always wanting to save us from temptations”.

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Angela Clark:X girl friend of carter because of angela many situations happens that bring a sort of difficulty and also a kind of frankness between Jamie and landon. Eric hunter:Best friend of landon carter but a kind of friend who would use to make fun of landon in every possible way and would make deferments whenever landon would ask him for help but in the end he was shameful of his attitude and behavior. Lew:

he is Angela Clark's boyfriend, who is twenty years old and works as a mechanic" and "always wears a white T-shirt with a pack of Camels folded into the sleeve“.

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Mrs Carter : Mother of landon carter and simply a nice and gentle lady. Mrs carter: Father of landon carter. A congressman who live in Washington DC and a person who can easily handle situations. As landon says “my father tried to defuse situations whenever possible” Jamie’s dead mother:  she died while giving birth to Jamie, and is greatly missed by Hegbert and Jamie. Miss Garber:She is the drama teacher at Landon's high-school. "She is big, at least 6'2", with flaming red hair and pale skin that shows her freckles well into her forties." Her favorite word is marvelous. Eddie Jones is not well liked by the drama department. He was scheduled to play

the main character in the play, but is demoted to the "bum" when Landon steps in. He is extremely apathetic.

Carey Denison is the treasurer at Landon's high school as well as a tuba player. He is unproportioned, with short arms, a large stomach, and a squeaky voice. Who talks a lot and when he starts to talk he asks many questions and simply an irritating person.


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ABOUT THE “CHRISTMIS PLAY” The play is written by Hegbert Sullivan. He has written this play for the students in the High

School as senior students were aloud to participate in the play . The reason behind this play was to prepare the youngsters for the upcoming situations and give

them a good experience before they headed off to the college to came across the fornicators , face-to-face.

 It's basically the story of a man who had lost his wife a few years back. This guy, Tom Thornton, used to be real religious, but he had a crisis of faith after his wife died during childbirth. He's raising this little girl all on his own, but he hasn't been the greatest father, and what the little girl really wants for Christmas is a special music box with an angel engraved on top, a picture of which she'd cut out from an old catalog. The guy searches long and hard to find the gift, but he can't find it anywhere. So it's Christmas Eve and he's still searching, and while he's out looking through the stores, he comes across a strange woman he's never seen before, and she promises to help him find the gift for his daughter. First, though, they help this homeless person (back then they were called bums, by the way), then they stop at an orphanage to see some kids, then visit a lonely old woman who just wanted some company on Christmas Eve. At this point the mysterious woman asks Tom Thornton what he wants for Christmas, and he says that he wants his wife back. She brings him to the city fountain and tells him to look in the water and he'll find what he's looking for. When he looks in the water, he sees the face of his little girl, and he breaks down and cries right there. While he's sobbing, the mysterious lady runs off, and Tom Thornton searches but can't find her anywhere. Eventually he heads home, the lessons from the evening playing in his mind. He walks into his little girl's room, and her sleeping figure makes him realize that she's all he has left of his wife, and he starts to cry again because he knows he hasn't been a good enough father to her. The next morning, magically, the music box is underneath the tree, and the angel that's engraved on it looks exactly like the woman he'd seen the night before.

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The introduction to the story:

In 1958 BEAUFORT, North Carolina, which is lacated near coast near Morehead City, was a place like many other small town. For many of the people fishing and crabbing was the way of life. It was the time was there were ONLY three channels and people were centured around churches of which their were eighteen in the town. WELL GET THE PEICTURE??

THE CHRISTMAS play was back then sponsored by one the of churches named Baptist church in the Beaufort with the collaboration of the local HIGH School.

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The LOVE story: Landon says about his father, “ my father was gone nine monthns of the year, living

out of town in a Washington DC… apartment three miles away. My mother didn’t do with him because both of them wanted me to grow up, ‘ the same way they had’,”. Landon adds that his best friend asked him when he was in kindergarden who that guy was who showed up at his house. “ he’s my father”. I said proudly.

Landon: no papers, no tests, no tables where I’d have to memorize protons and neutrons and combine elements in their proper formulas……!!

Landon says about Jamie, “ she had always worn her hair in a bun, almost like a spinster, without a stich of makeup on her face. Coupled with her usual cardigan and plaid skirt, she hadn’tchanged at all, the only thing that had changed was the size of her clothes.

landon’s view about Jamie“ I couldn't help but feel guilty, even though I hadn't done anything wrong. Nor did

Jamie limit her good deeds to people”

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In the home coming the situation that happened.

"Are you staring at my girl?" LEW asked, already tensing up. LANDON: "No." "Yeah, he was," Angela said, kind of slurring out the words. "He was staring right at me. This is my old boyfriend, the one I told you about.“"So you're the one," LEW said, sneering. LANDON : "I wasn't staring," I said finally, "and I don't know what she told you, but I doubt if it was true.“His eyes narrowed. "Are you calling Angela a liar?" LEW Sneered."Don't I know you?" JAMIE said cheerfully, looking right at him. Sometimes Jamie seemed oblivious of situations that were happening right in front of her. JAMIE: "Wait-yes, I do. (You work in the garage downtown. Your father's name is Joe, and your grandma lives out on Foster Road, by the railroad crossing)LEW :"How do you know all that? What LANDON would do, tell you about me, too?“ "No," Jamie said,

So there I was, perched on all fours, cleaning up puke at the homecoming dance in my best blue suit, which was exactly what I had wanted to avoid in the first place. And Jamie, my date, was on all fours, too, doing exactly the same thing.

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the moment landon proposed to Jamie:

"I love you, Jamie," I said to her. "You're the best thing that ever happened to me.“"Please don't say that," she said to me. "Please . . ." "But I do," I said, thinking she didn't believe me. She began to cry even harder. "I'm sorry," "I'm so, so sorry. . . .landon says: " My throat suddenly went dry."Why're you sorry?" I asked, suddenly desperate to understand what was bothering her. "Is it because of my friends and what they'll say? I don't care anymore-I really don't.“ "You can't be in love with me, Landon," she said through red and swollen eyes. "We can be friends, we can see each other . . . but youcan't love me.“ "Why not?" I shouted hoarsely, not understanding any of this. "Because," she finally said softly, "I'm very sick, Landon."

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Landon: “Do you love me?" I asked her. Jamie: "Yes." (She smiled)landon: "Do you want me to be happy?" I felt my heart beginning to race.Jamie: "Of course I do." landon:"Will you do something for me, then?" She looked away, sadness crossing her features. Jamie: "I don't know if I can anymore," she said. Landon:"But if you could, would you?“ I cannot adequately describe the intensity of what I was feeling at that moment. Love, anger, sadness, hope, and fear, whirling together, sharpened by the nervousness I was feeling.Jamie: "Yes," she finally said, her voice weak yet somehow still full of promise. "I would." landon: "Will you marry me?"

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