A New Year's Resoution You CAN Keep

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2011 is upon us, resolutions are being made and the information management challenges continue to grow. This is the year of intelligent information management. Make your resolution one you can keep through education and training. Be an intelligent information manager.


<ul><li>1.Training:<br />A New Years Resolution You CanKeep<br /></li></ul> <p>2. Information glut is expanding<br />Creation is not an issue, management of it is<br />Social network use increasing<br />Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more <br />Email is spiraling out of control<br />Potential 28Gb per person per day in 2011<br />Source: Radacati Group<br />Legislation and regulatory compliance<br />Privacy, Security, Disposition<br />SharePoint<br />Lack of governance, taxonomy, metadata standards<br />2011 - A New Year with New Challenges<br />3. AIIM State of ECM 2010 Report<br />Research shows:<br />60% of new ECM users cite content chaos as the trigger for adopting ECM<br />41% are not confident that their electronic information (excluding emails) is accurate, accessible, and trustworthy.<br />56% are not confident that emails related to documenting commitments and obligations made by their staff are recorded, complete, and retrievable<br />60% find it easier to locate knowledge on the Web than on internal systems<br />59% agree that social networking will make a dramatic change to business life in the next few years<br />2011 - A New Year with New Challenges<br />4. Intelligent information management<br />Holistic approach addressing people, process and technology<br />Establishes governance, taxonomy, metadata standards, security<br />Aligns organization to meet legislative and regulatory compliance<br />Focuses use of appropriate technologies<br />ECM (Enterprise Content Management)<br />ERM (Electronic Records Management)<br />BPM (Business Process Management)<br />EMM (E-Mail Management)<br />E 2.0 (Enterprise 2.0)<br />IOA (Information Organization and Access Metadata and Taxonomy)<br />SharePoint<br />Capture<br />Accept the Challenge<br />5. I resolve to make 2011 the year I will increase my<br />knowledge level and sharpen my information<br />management skills. I will accomplish this by attending<br />and successfully completing one or more training<br />programs that align with my organizational and<br />professional objectives.<br />Make Your Resolution<br />6. Train with AIIM<br />AIIM is the community that provides education, research, and best practices to help organizations find, control, and optimize their information.<br />For over 60 years, AIIM has been the leading non-profit organization focused on helping users to understand the challenges associated with managing documents, content, records, and business processes. <br />Today, AIIM is international in scope, independent, implementation-focused, and, as the representative of the entire ECM industry including users, suppliers, and the channel acts as the industrys intermediary.<br />7. Train with AIIM<br />8. Certificate Programs<br />9. Certificate Programs<br />10. Certificate Programs<br />11. Certificate Programs<br />12. Certificate Programs<br />13. Certificate Programs<br />14. Certificate Programs<br />15. Certificate Programs<br />16. Fundamentals of Web Content Management Technologies<br />Fundamentals of Digital Asset Management Technologies<br />Fundamentals of Electronic Discovery<br />Introduction to Web Analytics Technology<br />Imaging and Recognition<br />Fundamentals of Enterprise Portal Technology<br />Fundamentals of a Successful Intranet<br />MoReq2 Essentials<br />Automating AP for the Mid-Sized Company<br />PDF/A<br />AIIM Essentials Programs<br />17. AIIM Learning Center<br />AIIM often customizes the training courses for solution providers to include their methodologies and solutions as part of the curriculum. We have already done this for leading solution providers, and below are some examples of customized training:<br />1. Training courses for sales representatives and partners addressing how to identify prospects and demonstrate the value of your solution<br />2. Training courses for marketers and account managers about industry trends and opportunities<br />3. Training courses for consultants addressing how to analyze requirements,<br />develop a business and technology blueprint, agree upon information<br />architecture, create an roadmap, etc.<br />Please contact training@aiim.org to set up a call to discuss how you can use AIIM customized training to sell solutions and services.<br />18. AIIM can customize the training courses based on your objectives for the<br />different staff involved in a project or program. Below are some examples of<br />customized training:<br />1. Training courses for executives and stakeholders that demonstrate the value of the new initiative<br />2. Training courses for implementers and practitioners in best practices for implementing and maintaining the new environment<br />3. Training courses for end-users in policies and procedures for sharing and managing information<br />Please contact training@aiim.org to set up a call to discuss how you can use AIIM customized training to better share and manage information.<br />AIIM Learning Center<br />19. Contact us today<br />AIIM<br />In the US: 301.755.2631<br />In the UK: 44 1905.727600<br />Email: training@aiim.org<br />Visit our Website<br />www.aiim.org/training<br />AIIM Learning Center<br /></p>