A child can do that - children's art as inspiration

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Material and a lesson plan I made to address the common argument about expressive modern and contemporary art: a child can do that.

Text of A child can do that - children's art as inspiration

  • 1. Why are some artists interested in children's drawings? Some artists draw and paint like small children, why? What are they trying to achieve by doing so? What do the childrens' drawings have that adults lack, what adults no longer have? Do you remember what it was like to draw when you drew these images you brought here? What has happened to us adults?Joan Miro: Ladders Cross the Blue Sky in a Wheel of Fire (1953)A CHILD CAN DO THAT

2. In what way the children's drawing are different from adults? Mention at least 3 things, e.g. (realism details overall execution)Joan Miro: Muodonmuutos * Metamorphosis (1936)A CHILD CAN DO THAT 3. CLOSE LOOKING AT ART Look at the images in following slides: How do they differ from children's drawings? What similarities can you observe? Describe. Pay close attention to the use of colour, line, placement of different object, characters in the pictorial space. What changes have artists made to the style? e.g.simplified, closed forms, flat color surfaces, thick outlines, etc...Jean-Michel Basquiat: Boxer ( 1982) 4. A CHILD CAN DO THATKarel Appel: The crying crocodile is trying to catch the sun (1956)Karel Appel> Hip Hip Hooray(1949) 5. A CHILD CAN DO THATPaul Klee: A destroyed place (1920)Paul Klee: Contemplation (1938) 6. A CHILD CAN DO THATJean Dubuffet: It flute on the Bump (1947)Jean Dubuffet: Subway (1943) 7. ASSIGNMENT : CHILDREN'S PARTY Find your own drawings, made when you were about 2-5 years old. Take photos of them or bring them to school Choose a few characters from them and develop them a little further in a way discussed earlier. Divide into groups of 3-5 Groups make a collaborative painting, theme is children's party. Paint your work with Poster paints on cardboard or construction paperJoan Miro: Harlequins carnival 1924-1925 8. 19