82 words and phrases instead of good, great and interesting + examples

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82 words and phrases that can be used instead of "good", "bad" and "interesting". Each word or phrase is accompanied with a definition, collocations and picture examples of its use in the news, books, online publications and words of famous and ourstanding people.


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2. Extremely interesting. Verb: to Fascinate a fascinating book fascinating people thedilbertstore.com www.impactlab.net 3. Impressive, attractive, surprising. Verb: to Stun a stunning actress stunning news a stunning view a stunning performance imgfave.com 4. Difficult to believe. an incredible story incredible appetite an incredible person quotes.lifehack.org 5. Not common, different. a man of unusual talent a scene of unusual beauty an unusual hobby 6. Very unusual, extremely good, an extraordinary child extraordinary powers extraordinary achievements 7. Very interesting. Verb: to intrigue an intriguing story an intriguing idea an intriguing person 8. Holding attention. Verb: to engage. an engaging conversation an engaging teacher an engaging blog 9. Unusual, noticeable or excellent. an remarkable achievement a remarkable solution a remarkable change a remarkable person 10. Attractive or interesting. Verb: to appeal to sb. an appealing idea an appealing design an appealing resume www.okmoviequotes.com 11. Characterized by new ideas and creativity. Verb: to imagine. an imaginative idea an imaginative story an imaginative approach 12. Causing a strong emotional response, such as anger. Verb: to provoke. a provocative question a provocative book provocative remarks 13. Unusual and attracting attention. Verb: to strike. striking poverty striking good looks a striking view a striking performance 14. So extraordinary that it is hard to believe. an unbelievable athlete an unbelievable story an unbelievable destruction 15. Completely holding ones attention. Verb: to spellbound. spellbinding performance a spellbinding story spellbinding descriptions www.robtenerymd.com 16. Extraordinary and worthy or attention. a remarkable achievement a remarkable person a remarkable talent 17. Pleasing, extremely attractive. Verb: to charm a harming little caf a charming personality a charming city 18. Interesting and holding attention. Verb: to captivate. a captivating speaker captivating presentation a captivating profile 19. Extremely interesting. Verb: to absorb. an absorbing novel an absorbing experience an absorbing proposal 20. Taking ones full attention. Verb: to engross. an engrossing book an engrossing tour an engrossing portrait 21. Extremely good. a terrific actor a terrific speed a terrific victory 22. Giving pleasure. Verb: to enjoy an enjoyable holiday an enjoyable tune an enjoyable atmosphere 23. Giving extreme pleasure. a terrifically enjoyable stay a terrifically enjoyable film a terrifically enjoyable experience 24. Causing admiration. a spectacular display of fireworks a spectacular restaurant a spectacular view a spectacular machine 25. Very good and Causing admiration. Verb: to impress impressive achievement impressive performance an impressive event 26. Extremely good, extraordinary. a fabulous house a fabulous hair style a fabulous grandfather 27. Pleasant, delightful and as if produced by magic a magical change a magical night magical powers 28. Making you want to do or create something. Verb: to inspire. an inspiring idea an inspiring person an inspiring speech 29. Arousing interest, making you think. Verb: to provoke. a thought-provoking question a thought-provoking book a thought-provoking discussion http://naturaldogtraining.com/ your-dog-is-your-mirror/ 30. Enjoyable and amusing. Verb: to entertain. an entertaining evening an entertaining game an entertaining fact 31. Causing laughter and enjoyment. Verb: to amuse. an amusing joke an amusing speaker an amusing film 32. Very pleasing. Verb: to delight. a delightful party a delightful day a delightful design a delightful surprise 33. Pleasantly new or interesting. Verb: to refresh. a refreshing change a refreshing take on sth refreshing conversations 34. Causing admiration, deserving attention. Verb: to impress. impressive skills impressive performance impressive vocabulary 35. Arousing interest, making you think. Verb: to exhilarate. an exhilarating feeling an exhilarating trip exhilarating experiences 36. Having a special charm that attracts and excites people. a charismatic leader a charismatic style a charismatic personality 37. www.firstcovers.com Very exciting, great or surprising. Verb: to take ones breath away. breathtaking performance a breathtaking view a breathtaking guy 38. Capturing attention, arousing interest. Verb: to enthrall an enthralling experience an enthralling book an enthralling vacation 39. Extremely surprising and impressive. Verb: to astonish. an astonishing victory an astonishing remark astonishing achievements 40. Too unusual to be described. Verb: to be unable to describe she is beautiful beyond description the scene is beyond description her kindness is beyond description 41. Very surprising and astonishing. Verb: to startle. a startling discovery a starling success a startling statement 42. Very strong in its effect or force, very great in number. Verb: to overwhelm overwhelming despair overwhelming sensation overwhelming success 43. Impressive, causing respect, fear and wonder. Verb: to awe, to inspire awe, to fill with awe. awe-inspiring cathedral awe-inspiring experience 44. To cause various emotions. Like most Disney Productions, this film Will touch on a wide range of emotions. www.reeltalkreviews.com/ 45. katiefitzisfit.wordpress.com To experience strong, varied and often opposite emotions. Verb: to be on an emotional rollercoaster I am on an emotional rollercoaster loving you. 46. Mentally and emotionally exciting. Verb: to boggle the mind, the mind boggles at sth a mind-boggling puzzle a mind-boggling amount of money a mind-boggling journey 47. Very beautiful and attractive. a gorgeous dress a gorgeous personality a gorgeous view 48. Large and extremely beautiful. a majestic Egyptian pyramid a majestic girl a majestic view 49. Something you look forward to with excitement. Verb: to anticipate. a highly-anticipated debate a highly-anticipated true project a highly-anticipated album 50. Exhilarating and exciting. Verb: to intoxicate. an intoxicating idea intoxicating experiences an intoxicating sense of freedom 51. An exciting mix or combination of sth. This game is an intoxicating blend of action and strategy. 52. To fascinate, to hold ones full attention. This movie will hold you spellbound with suspense. www.cinemapolis.org/ 53. To make someone extremely interested In sth or sb.. Banning the book stirs up more interest in the story. 54. Nietzsches literary writing style arouses our emotions. 55. The event has generated an enduring interest in yoga. 56. Capturing your full attention, hypnotizing. Verb: to mesmerize. mesmerizing performance mesmerizing installation mesmerizing achievement nicehappyquote.com 57. To hypnotize, to get ones full attention. I was absolutely mesmerized by the view. 58. Extremely excited. He was red hot with excitement at the thought of going to Africa. This place is hot with excitement. Paris grew red hot with excitement as the news spread like wildfire that the Allies had invaded southern France. trove.nla.gov.au/ 59. Very attractive. a magnetic personality a magnetic poetry a magnetic scene 60. Charming and attractive. Verb: to enchant. an enchanting smile an enchanting place an enchanting evening 61. Artists often use their paintings to arouse strong emotions in viewers. 62. Arousing intense feelings. highly emotional child highly emotional decision highly emotional song 63. Extremely beautiful.; accomplished, perfected. an exquisite portrait an exquisite sunset an exquisite gentleman 64. Attract and hold ones attention. The idea captivated her. Freedom captivates him. Television captivates the world. 65. Causing pleasure and excitement. Verb: to thrill. a thrilling experience a thrilling voice a thrilling romance 66. Causing strong emotions. Verb: to stir your soul. a soul-stirring experience soul-stirring performance a soul-stirring melody 67. Causes a strong emotional response; touching. She really pulls at your heart strings with her music. 68. To cause a strong emotional response. Music can move you to the core. 69. To arouse strong feelings. The movie strikes its deepest and most vibrant chords in its viewers. doctorwhoforlife.blogspot.com/ 70. Impressively successful or elaborate. Verb: to glitter. a glittering career a glittering Opera concert a glittering prize 71. Impressive, very grand and large. an epic story an epic dance routine an epic selfie 72. Not ordinary; very expensive and fashionable. a fancy restaurant a fancy price fancy shoes 73. www.davidandgoliathtees.com The adjective is used to mock or play down something very expensive and impressive. fancy-schmancy meeting fancy-schmancy house a fancy prize 74. Surprising, unexpected, causing wonder. Verb: to open ones eyes, to wake up to reality. eye-opening experience an eyeopening book 75. Unexpected, causing surprise. Verb: to surprise. surprising facts surprising statistics a surprising tendency 76. Extremely impressive and beautiful.. Verb: to be dazzled by. a dazzling day a dazzling display a dazzling film 77. Very strange. a weird setting a weird movie a weird person 78. Strange and unusual. odd news an odd movie an odd animal 79. Remarkable and interesting for being uncommon. an unusual recipe an unusual plant an unusual adaptation 80. Good enough, excellent. Verb: to give a thumb up. A delivery service here is worth giving a thumb up. 81. Arousing and holding your attention; very interesting. compelling introductions a compelling drama a compelling proposal 82. To capture and hold ones full attention. This movie will keep you at the edge of your seat. 83. To involve someone deeply. Verb: to immerse. Viewers will be immersed in a world of true friendship and inner strength. 84. Dictionary.com Merriam-webster.com thefreedictionary.com enwiktionary.org oxforddictionaries.org urban