6 Biggest Myths About Using Video Resumes

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Text of 6 Biggest Myths About Using Video Resumes

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2. Its Not Surprising Video Resumes Have Become Popular in the Last Coupleof Yearsthemselves from the 3. Myth #1Video is WAY too Technical 4. The REAL DEAL Video has Never Been Easier Dont need a bunch of Fancy Equipment or Editing Suite 5. Myth #2Video is Only Useful for Certain Job Types 6. The REAL DEAL Every Employer Values Good Verbal Communication Skills Showcase your Communication Skills upon First Contact 7. Myth #3Employers Wont WatchMy Video 8. The REAL DEAL Most Employers Today are Googling You and will see your Social Media Profiles Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOCs) latestdiscussion on the topic The EEO laws do not expressly prohibit the use of specific technologies or methods for selecting employees, and therefore do not prohibit the use of video resumeshttp://tinyurl.com/a76ztkp Source: EEOC.gov 9. Myth #4I have to Appear on Camera 10. The REAL DEAL Screen Recording Software Makes it Easy Includes your Voice, Images, and Text Logo of the Company, even a Picture of Yourself Employers can Make the Connection Between your Voiceand your Picture 11. Myth #5Video is Expensive 12. The REAL DEAL Free screen recording software Host and Share Selectively by Using your Free YouTube Account Total Cost to Create: $0. 13. Myth #6Video Resumes are Better than Video Cover Letters 14. The REAL DEAL Most job seekers are creating Video Resumes There is no standard format for Video Resumes Video Resumes or Video Bios are Too General Video Resumes are a Good Idea but are Not the Best Wayto Leverage Video 15. Why Video Cover Letters are Better! Employers want a Detailed Response to Their Specific JobPosting A Customized Video Cover Letter Demonstrates Video Cover Letters Create a Connection with Employers 16. In Conclusion FactVideo is the BEST way toStand Out From the Crowd 17. For More InformationPlease Visit:www.GetHiredwithVideo.com/blog