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About the author

• I am 10 years old. Myfavorite thing to do is ridemy bike andskateboard.my favoritesports arefootball,soccer,andbasketball.why I pickedthis animal is because thisis an interesting animal.

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Who I am

• This is the bobcat.how the bobcat gothis name is becauseof its short tail.thereare about 725,000to1,020,000bobcatsstill remain in thewild.the bobcat canlive up to 12 to 13years.

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The early years

• Bobcat can besolitary animals whenthey have baby.whileit grows up it stayswith its mother to 9 to12 months.the dadteaches the babyhunting skills whenthey’re ready

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Habitat sweet habitat

• The bobcat lives indry desert. Thebobcat has 2different type of densthe main den and theauxiliary den. Themain den is usually iscaves and rockshelter.the auxiliaryden is a hollow logthat is protected

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What’s on the menu?

• The bobcat eats pigs,baby dears , and smallanimals.when the bobcat is bya barn it eats certain animals.

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Making tracks

• The bobcat’s feetare different fromback to front.withits back it couldjump and run.

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Simply irresistible

• Before the bobcatattacks a prey thatis big it pounces tomake it stopbreathing so itdies.

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Were in the world?

The bobcat lives inthe u.s.a and livesin Canada andalso in mexico

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Did you knowThe bobcat is the

most abundantwild cat in theu.s.a..

• Fun factsThe bobcat has

more insticts thena normal cat.

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