5 Themes of Geography

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Use the 5 Themes PP to complete the 5 Themes section of your skeletal notes for Unit 1. This portion starts about half way down on page 1 of your notes packet.

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  • 1. 5 Themes of Geography

2. Location Absolute Location Exact spot on the earths surface where something is Example: Street address, or Latitude and Longitude Relative Location Where something is in relation to other things Example: Utah is north of Arizona. My house is west of the big field. 3. Place Physical Characteristics Physical features that make a place unique. It is how we describe the physical surroundings Human Characteristics How peoples activities have changed the way a place looks 4. Physical Characteristics 5. Human Characteristics 6. Movement People People use various forms of transportation. People move from city to city, state to state, etc. Ideas, Goods, Information, services Ideas such as religions, political thought, and inventions move. Goods such as food and clothing move Information such as knowledge and news moves Services such as financial services move. 7. Movement Examples 8. Human Environment Interaction The ways that humans adapt to and change their surroundings for their benefit. Examples: The clothes people wear, the food they eat, the buildings they build, recreation spots, canals and dams etc. 9. Region An area with common characteristics and its surrounding area Formal Region A region that has a formal boundry Examples include states, cities, stores, neighborhoods, Functional Region A region that does not have formal boundaries Examples include culture regions, climate regions, physical feature regions 10. 5 Themes Pictures 11. Art Activity-5 Themes Make a booklet (I will demonstrate). On the front, write a title and your name. Use color. Make a page for each theme of geography: - Title each page with the name of a theme - Draw a picture(s) or a cartoon that represents the theme. Use you imagination and draw pictures that show you understand the theme. The pictures need to be in color. -Most themes will require two pictures (Ex. Location-picture of absolute and a picture for relative. ONLY INTERACTION WILL HAVE 1 PICTURE) - Write a 5 word (no more or less) definition that explains the theme.