2015 first day of school

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  1. 1. First Day of School Monday August 17, 2015
  2. 2. Welcome! As you enter, please go to your assigned seat. Follow the directions below to make a nameplate 1. With the long side of the paper on your desk, fold it in half to form a tent 2. Write your first and last name on both sides in letters one inch high 3. Write your class schedule (teacher and subject) on the inside of your tent on one side and name of parents and phone numbers on the other. 4. Write your schedule in your notebook 5. Before you leave today know where your next class is located
  3. 3. World History Im Mrs. Breed and I teach World History Our textbook is World History by Prentice Hall 1. This is a survey class. That means its broad in scope. 2. World History starts with the topic of ancient humans and goes through WW II. 3. We will be doing a minimum of 4 DBQs (Document Based Lessons) 4. Our 9 week tests are written by the county. 5. There will be a comprehensive final at the end of the year.
  4. 4. Procedures 1. How to enter the room 2. Expectations at the start of class 3. Class attention signal 4. Sign in and out directions 5. Do not cross the lines marked with blue tape
  5. 5. Group Work Procedures 1. Sitting with other students is not automatic permission to talk regardless of what the topic of conversation is 2. Your shoulder partner is the person next to you 3. Your face partner is the person from you 4. All students are expected to complete work and papers are collected from each student for every assignment
  6. 6. Introductions 1. Review class attention signal 2. Spend one minute introducing yourself to your shoulder partner 3. Introduce your shoulder partner to your face partner
  7. 7. Class Activity You will be given one set of 7 slips per group 1. You will organize these slips in chronological order to the best of your ability. 2. Three of the slips have activities that occurred at the same time. Organize those slips in alphabetical order 3. Once they are organized you will have an additional chance to organized them
  8. 8. Correct Order 1. Write your name, date and period in the upper right hand corner of your paper 2. Title your paper Early Civilization Timeline 3. Copy the answers in the correct order adding the area Cultivation of corn and cotton [Americas] Indus Valley Civilization 2500 BCE [Asia] Bronze Age 2000 BCE [Europe] Development of Chinese writing 2000 BCE [Asia] Permanent cities in Mexico 2000 BCE [Americas] Shang Dynasty in China 1500 BCE [Asia] Reign of Ramses II 1279-1213 BCE [Africa]