2014 Parental Information Evening - School of Sports

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Text of 2014 Parental Information Evening - School of Sports

  • 1. Larbert High School Schools of Sport Parental Information Evening

2. Introduction Mrs Jo Wilson Principal Teacher Health & Wellbeing Senior PhaseMr Andy Auld Principal Teacher Health & Wellbeing Broad General Phase 3. Background 2009 TCSC initiated 2011 partnership with SRU 2012 partnership with SFA 2013 partnership with Basketball Scotland/ Falkirk Fury & NRG Performers 2014 will incorporate all 4 programmes 4. Programme Outline 5. Application Process 6. Preparing Your Child Places are in demand for each school Parental Agreement on Application Form Preparing your child Extensive Extra Curricular Programme Correspondence 7. Further Information Application forms and trial dates on website Any further information please contact us at Larbert High larberthighschool@falkirk.gov.uk