2013 02-21 Rey Ty Community Service Learning

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Rey Ty Community Service Learning


  • 1. CommunityService LearningRey Ty 2013 Rey Ty

2. CommunityService Learning 2013 Rey TyNorthern Illinois University 2013 Rey Ty 3. OutlineI. Goal SettingII.PreparationIII. PlacementIV.ConductV. Post-ServiceVI.Project Ideas 2013 Rey Ty 4. CommunityService Learning A model of experiential learning thatcombines voluntary community servicewith classroom learning. 2013 Rey Ty 5. Community ServiceLearningReallife experiencesin the community arelinked to academiccontent throughprocesses of criticalreflection such asjournal writing, smallgroup discussion, &the writing ofanalytical papers. 2013 Rey Ty 6. Why Engage in Community Service Learning ? 2013 Rey Ty 7. Hindi ka makakaratingsa pinaroroonan mo,kung hindi mo alam angiyong pinanggalingan. You will not reachyour destination if youdo not know from whereyou came. Philippine Proverb 2013 Rey Ty 8. Giveback tosociety 2013 Rey Ty 9. Mozambique Do not forget from whereyou came.While you are stillhere (living on Earth),try to dosomething good. 2013 Rey Ty 10. IndigenousPeopleWe dont own theland We belong to theEarth Give back to theEarth what belongsto the Earth(Macliing Dulag) 2013 Rey Ty 11. Buddhism - Do no harm to all sentient beings. 2013 Rey Ty 12. JudaismGenesis 1: 28: Be fruitful, and multiply, andreplenish the earth, and subdue it: and havedominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowlof the air, and over every living thing that movethupon the earth.Stewardship 2013 Rey Ty 13. JudaismExodus 22:22 - You shall not afflict anywidow or fatherless child. 2013 Rey Ty 14. Christianity Mathew 25: 35-36- For I was hungry and you gave me meat; I was thirsty and you gave me drink; I was a stranger, you took me in; I was naked and you clothed me; I was imprisoned and you set me free. John 13:34 - A new commandment I give unto you. That you love one another, as I have loved you. 2013 Rey Ty 15. Islam Zakat- A major pillar- Almsgiving Quran 2: 177- To spend from your own wealth. ..For your kin, for orphans, for theneedy, for the wayfarer, for those whoasks, & for the ransoms of slaves; to besteadfast in prayer & practicecharity.such are the people of truth ,those who fear Allah. 2013 Rey Ty 16. Philippine RuralReconstruction Movement1. Go to the People2. Live among them3. Learn from them4. Serve them5. Start with what they know6. Build on what they have7. Not piecemeal8. But Integrated Approach9. Not Relief but release10. Education throughparticipation11. Learn by doing12. Teach by showing 2013 Rey Ty 17. Purpose and Meaning: 1. Forget your ego! 2. Think of others 3. Engage in acts of kindness toa. fellowsb. animalsc. nature 4. Be of service to others 2013 Rey Ty 18. I. Goal Setting A. Service LearningSessions - A teaching andlearning approach thatintegrates volunteercommunity service withacademic study to enrichlearning, teach civicresponsibility, andstrengthening community(National Commission onService Learning) 2013 Rey Ty 19. B. Service Outcomes: 1. Learning Outcomesa. Enhanced learning b. Active learning throughmeaningful workc. Understanding of socio-economic issues affecting thecommunityd. Continuing reciprocalcommunication e. critical reflection 2013 Rey Ty 20. 2. Democracy Outcomesa. Enhanced citizenship involvementb. Increased understanding of humanrights, diversity, ethnicity, social justices, &socio-economic tensionsc. cultural awareness & breakingstereotypesd. civil participation 2013 Rey Ty 21. 3. Process outcomes a. Active involvementin community service b. mutual respect c. caring for others d. increased directservices 2013 Rey Ty 22. C. 3 Views of citizenship 1. Personally responsiblecitizen - donate canned goods 2. Participatory citizen - help organize food drive 3. Justiceoriented citizen - work toward theelimination of hunger 2013 Rey Ty 23. II. PreparationUnderstanding the Service LearningProcess Pre-Service Orientation 1. Philosophy of Service Learning:Scholarship of Engagement1.1 Volunteer community work1.2 Connections: linking theorywith practice1.3 Problem solving, criticalreflection and critical social action1.4 Personal transformation1.5 Interpersonal development1.6 Skills in collaboration1.7 Social transformation 2013 Rey Ty 24. Citizenship Commitments1. Thin Commitmentcharity-oriented; surface level;patronizing; perpetuate inequality 2013 Rey Ty 25. Citizenship Commitments2. Thick Commitmentdeeper commitment; social justice& social change-oriented 2013 Rey Ty 26. From Mercy &Charity to Justice 2013 Rey Ty 27. 2. Socio-economic-culturalcontext - understandingthe community &its needs - Filling thecommunity needs - Social justiceissues: inclusion& structures ofinequality 2013 Rey Ty 28. C. Reflecting on theExperiences Answer the followingquestions: 1. What did you learn? 2. How did you feel? 3. So what ( critique &interpretation) 4. Now what? (What willyou do to have socialimpact?) 2013 Rey Ty 29. D. CultivatingReciprocity byunderstandingyourself: self-inventory Answer thefollowing questions: 1. What are yoursocial identities? 2. Assets? 3. Motivation? 4. Expectations? 2013 Rey Ty 30. E. Cultivating Reciprocity byUnderstanding theCommunity 1. The agency 2. People with whom youwill work 3. The neighborhood 4. The community assetsand challenges 5. Service tasks 6. How to be responsiveto the community 2013 Rey Ty 31. III. Placement1. Community inputs2. Be active3. Do different tasks4. Make positive contributions5. Take responsibilities 2013 Rey Ty 32. IV. Conduct of Service Learning 2013 Rey Ty 33. IV. Conduct of Service Learning 1. Its about the community,not you. Dont bully.Practice mutual respect.Be sensitive. Dont berude. Dont be disruptive.Dont proselytize. Dontmake any derogatoryremarks. 2. Dont patronize. 3. Dont self-segregate. 4. Dont be an outsidevoyeur looking in. Rather,be a collaborator. 2013 Rey Ty 34. Link withcommunitymembers. Getemail & contactdetails of peopleyou have metwith whom youfeel comfortableto communicate. 2013 Rey Ty 35. Dont think you are superior. 2013 Rey Ty 36. Recognize differences but donot act or think that you aresuperior. Do not treat, look at,or talk to partners as theothers. Do not stereotype theothers. 2013 Rey Ty 37. Honor uniqueness. 2013 Rey Ty 38. Recognize similarities but do not assume too muchsameness as to forget stark socio-economic-political-cultural differences. For instance, dont think that we areall basically similar, except that they dont have homes. Try to understand the underlying historical, economic,political, ethnic, gender, and cultural causes ofhomelessness. 2013 Rey Ty 39. Dont judge the collaboratingorganizational partners & thecommunity partners. Dont imposeyour cultural biases. 2013 Rey Ty 40. Integrate social justice issues in your service learning. 2013 Rey Ty 41. Dont call what you did as neutral and goodwork. Call oppression as oppression andwork for social justice. If we cannot nameoppression oppression, then we ourselvesare involved in perpetuating it. 2013 Rey Ty 42. Recognize thatthere is a powerimbalance. Theservers arepowerful & theserved aredisadvantaged. 2013 Rey Ty 43. V. Post-Service Activities1. Give tokens of appreciation2. Critical reflection3. Exchange ideas4. Personal transformation?5. Personal transformation?6. Home-made thank you card. 2013 Rey Ty 44. Some ideas for your mainstream or alternative project plans for implementationA. Charity (Dont Rock the Boat)1. Donate money2. Provide seedlings3. Provide free lunch for volunteers4. Volunteer as a fund-raiser5. Join volunteers to plant trees6. Recruit volunteers7. Give money to an organization withwhich you share a common cause 2013 Rey Ty 45. B. Policy Reform or Social Reform (Rock the Boat)1. Join a protest action about important socialissues.2. Write a letter to an elected politician or to apublic official about certain policies.3. Join a non-profit non-governmentalorganization that work for social change.4. Walk, ride a bicycle or take publictransportation to maintain good health, to savenonrenewable energy resources and to keep theenvironment clean.5. Organize your friend to work for a cause6. Vote7. Run for a public office8. Develop a micro-lending project forlow-income people to start businesses. 2013 Rey Ty 46. 2013 Rey Ty 47. CommunityService Learning 2013 Rey TyNorthern Illinois University Rey Ty 2013 48. CommunityService Learning 2013 Rey Ty Northern Illinois University 2013 Rey Ty